Example sentences of "[noun pl] i [verb] [pron] " in BNC.

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31 Of the letters I wrote to Eliot and kept copies I reproduce one , which might perhaps have some more permanent interest than the ephemera .
32 ‘ Well , compared to the leave they get in the big houses I suppose it is ; half a day a month for some of them , and then no leave at all if they 're known to come from the workhouse , or one of the settlements .
33 There was only a tiny little row in between two streets , there was about six houses I think it was .
34 And er they happen came along er to tell us about the Aberystwyth trip we went off to Aberystwyth the students gave us a party and he said , Oh I like your meetings I wish I could come here more often .
35 Er and the proposal that I shall report is the and in particular those matter our certainty of responsibility between various agencies needs to be addressed erm it arose obviously are much more widespread than in the past week , but er I was granted in fact to give consideration to this result of the parish meeting , conventional routine parish meeting at Barnham er on the fourth of January erm which led to the largest parish meetings I think they 've had in many years erm when because people were incensed with the suffering and the hardship that they had as a result of the flooding on the night of Thursday the thirtieth of December erm should let me say first of all that erm I would congratulate all those who were involved er in dealing with the present emergency operations erm it 's quite superb , it 's erm it seemed to be erm a remarkable reflection on the capacity er that to deal with certain circumstances reflects very well on this authority and in saying that I mean it 's not just the opposites to the men and women who are involved , but also whereas I 'm sure many members are here that members amongst our numbers have putting on very long hours in dealing with the present circumstances and I congratulate on the activities .
36 After a few attempts I found I was turning like Robby Naish for the first part of the turn , then falling in on the inside of the turn .
37 and after about ten minutes I thought what the devil is she doing in there !
38 After the first couple of minutes I thought we were going to be in for a really entertaining game .
39 Now three minutes I told you it was three minutes did n't I ?
40 After a few minutes I roused myself , gathered up the clothes , and went round to Dominic 's room , holding his key through a handkerchief .
41 five minutes I think it is .
42 When we first talked about our star signs I said they made us — ’
43 He was sitting there with his head in his hands ; he did not rise when the train passed ; he made no movement ; he did not give a glance at the signs I made him ; and for a long time as the train was carrying me away , I watched his little motionless , grief-stricken figure , lost in the desert , an image of my own despair .
44 P.P.S I see they 've been feeding Mark H on the raw meat again : - ) ) ) How did ‘ Antiscum United ’ go on over the weekend by the way ? ?
45 ‘ Before rushing ahead with your sketches I think you might have been advised to take the time to familiarise yourself with what G.W. Fashions stands for . ’
46 Well when you when you understand er when you get to understand the products I mean there 's there all our six companies are represented over there er Maggie
47 D Dave to write a letter , saying for all projects I wish him to do
48 So in , in both projects I think we had to do that first step .
49 Well that 's what I 've been saying to dad as well , I said the times I said we 've had cheques come back !
50 so we started called her lip , but that happened before I got there so , as I got there it just like , as I joined got in with the regulars it started to peter out a bit , but I got fooled with a couple of times I thought they were taking the piss , alright Lynn how you doing , you know , still .
51 I could n't tell you how , but it I , cos you 'd , I do n't want nothing , but when I did , I 'd got ta use my ingenuity to get something that I could get one or two or a dozen or ten off , you know what I mean , and I got ta make it and a lot of times I made it out of wood which was easily er you know treated .
52 She was continuously moulting as she grew her feathers , and however many times I hoovered I could never get it all .
53 I know times I get it , like maybe just at one side , if I 've been sitting in a hard seat
54 Last time er it was er free distribution , so they needed someone to , workers for that and Sikh temple offered their services and er , I think they did the job very well because mostly we get a lot of volunteers round and er , many times I went their there was quite a big queue , er five or six people were serving at the same time .
55 On occasions I also added acrylic medium to the Quink to prevent any unnecessary bleeding of the line , although at times I enjoyed its non-waterproof qualities and allowed the ink to run .
56 Several times I saw him look to see how many pages more he had to read .
57 Perhaps it was just the times I saw him in the Div II Championship year and the season after that .
58 The awful , abrupt finality of a man pitching forward , so easily , so arbitrarily terminated — the convenience of it to the killer : they were things to which I could never become habituated , however many times I saw it .
59 ‘ One of the last times I saw my mother , I was borrowing money off her .
60 At times I felt I was just a kind of palimpsest , or a blackboard that could always be wiped clean to make room for his own work .
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