Example sentences of "[prep] [noun] [adv] over " in BNC.

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1 He became tremendously emotional and … compelling in his language … about the need to save Latin America , to save freedom , that these people were sacrificing for America and for freedom all over the world . ’
2 and he could n't a job and then , I me I mean , he tried for apprenticeships all over the place and other jobs and he just could n't get one !
3 We assist in the movement of products and raw materials between nations all over the world .
4 I 'd have given birth to twins and discovered what song the Sirens sang , and vaporized and condensed and fallen as snow all over central Calcutta . ’
5 The former King Rat now spends his days raising funds for kids all over the world .
6 ‘ That philosopher , ’ said Scarlet , who seemed to have forgotten about going home , ‘ the one I was telling you about , he used to go galloping after women all over the place when his hair and his teeth were all falling out , and he used to write about the terrific compassion he felt for the human race , and his breath was foul .
7 The headstones here were used as models all over central Bohemia .
8 From here , forecasts are compiled , not just for Central , but for broadcasters all over the World .
9 The second cousins have just issued their first newsletter and they have grand plans to open an information centre in Liverpool , which would cater for enthusiasts all over Europe .
10 This system has been evolving for centuries , first for bourgeoisies all over the world , then spreading to the working classes in the First World , and slowly but surely penetrating to all those with disposable income everywhere .
11 In the sultry haze of late August , the only noises were the cicadas , the splash of the children in the pool and the rumble of thunder away over the Gorges du Verdon .
12 What a growing part of agriculture all over the world had in common was subjection to the industrial world economy .
13 And the worst thing you can do is to screw it all up by putting a lot of technique all over it ! '
14 ‘ During the spring Cry hopes to gather many thousands of signatures all over real Yorkshire in order to convince the Local Government Commission that Yorkshire people wish to see their county made whole again , ’ he said .
15 The station has broadcast a couple of times legally over the past year .
16 Now this situation is multiplied thousands of times all over Scotland !
17 You must have had hundreds of mistresses all over the world — ’
18 You keep meeting the same people in a sector of industry all over the world . ’
19 Piles of books all over the floor : Agatha Christie , Dick Francis , P. D. James .
20 Perhaps you have shelves full of books all over the house .
21 After I had left her she had spilt her cup of tea all over the bedclothes , which had soon become not only wet but cold and wet .
22 Lyddy put the final touches to her hair and slipped two ropes of pearls carefully over the finished edifice .
23 If you ask me , it looks like a load of picture of heads all over the bloody place !
24 It ploughed into the ground scattering debris and bits of aluminium all over the place .
25 the following morning I went out no numberplate and there were bits of car all over the street but
26 the surface of light just over the border .
27 A beautiful silver starfish , with points of light all over its body , sapphire and rose-pink and silver .
28 Instead of hunting all over the sky , the pilots concentrated on one scatter of targets and spiralled down through them , turning tightly in order to cut down the risk of collision .
29 With friends , and sometimes with sister Dannii , Kylie , like millions of youngsters all over the world , acted out her fantasies of pop stardom in front of her bedroom mirror .
30 Paul took this message about life and the mystery of humanity all over the Mediterranean world .
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