Example sentences of "[be] to be [adj] " in BNC.

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31 ‘ My style has always been to be analytical , ’ says the man who gained a double first in maths at King 's College , Cambridge .
32 The golden rules are to be polite , persistent and to personalise the conversation as much as possible .
33 If not , and if there are to be individual assessments of the criteria , will the Foreign Secretary assure the House that if Germany decides that the criteria have been met and recognises the republics but Britain decides that the criteria have not been met , the United Kingdom will reserve the right not to recognise the republics ?
34 In Europe , AT&T plans to add to its existing network management centres here in the UK and in the Netherlands by installing systems in key European commercial centres to provide the service for multinational customers in the UK , France , Germany , Spain , Italy , Belgium , Switzerland , the Netherlands and Sweden , and plans to hire or redeploy more than 650 technicians and sales personnel in Europe to provide customer support for the new services that are to be available in 1994 .
35 Although character-based at the moment , graphical user interfaces are to be available by the end of 1993 for version 6.0 .
36 And they may need to pay more if enough workers are to be available — unless sufficient old machines are forced out of operation there will be a shortage of workers to operate the new .
37 ‘ We both saw her put in the taxi , if we are to be accurate . ’
38 The 1991 Time Magazine Compact Almanac contains some excellent articles and photographs , but the videos are to be honest , a bit fuzzy .
39 Rooms on the first floor , not hitherto seen by visitors , are to be remodelled and mounted with French panelling formerly owned by Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild .
40 If nurse managers are to be accountable for their colleagues ' learning environment , they may help by providing increased opportunities for developing general teaching skills of recently qualified practitioners , who , far from having finished their education may in fact be just beginning .
41 Society itself is , notoriously , changing very rapidly , and the possibility has to be considered that we are entering a period where the notions and the realities of political coercion , of production of wealth , and of cognition and legitimation , may need to be modified if they are to be useable in our actual social environment .
42 God 's people are to be practical in their love , because we realise that we were once restrained and confined , unable to live as God intended us to live .
43 The TMI-2 accident now forms an important part of the considerable experience available to us from PWR operations around the world , and this summary shows that the CEGB and NNC must carefully assess and analyse the accident if they are to be certain that all of the relevant lessons from it have been satisfactorily incorporated in the British PWR .
44 I have established that the initial phase of training must be given with the stimuli that are to be relevant in the test phase .
45 A writer must face the terrifying complexity of contemporary life if her fictions or poems are to be relevant to the world today .
46 Equally with a sensation , saying ‘ by ‘ pain ’ I mean that ’ will only achieve the desired effect if we have some means of separating characteristics which are to be relevant from those which are not .
47 If you are to be awkward then my mother will not know where she stands for a good deal of time . ’
48 In Canon law the decision as to which services are to be used rests jointly with the incumbent and the Parochial Church Council ( Canon B.3 ) .
49 At the same time Mandela 's remarks indicate that he , too , recognises the need to involve all the parties in the democracy negotiations if they really are to be democratic .
50 The examples are not always abstract ballets , because the three aspects described above are applicable to most choreography if music and dance are to be equal partners in a ballet .
51 There are to be new rules for lorries carrying explosives following yesterday 's explosion at Peterborough .
52 The full force of teachers ' professionalism will need to be put behind the national curriculum and assessment if both are to be beneficial to pupil and other ‘ customers ’ of the education service .
53 ‘ What a bloodthirsty little creature you are to be sure ! ’ said Biff , with a hint of admiration .
54 ( To be precise , there are four Humean conditions to satisfy , if we are to be sure that c caused e on some occasion , namely : c preceded e ; there was no intermediate event ; events like c are always followed by events like e in those conditions ; and we are in the habit of expecting the sequence . )
55 ‘ Then what an unfeeling little brute you are to be sure .
56 Each of the UST operations are to be joint ventures with local Unix systems houses , with ownership split in favour of USL .
57 If signs are to be effective for user orientation , they must be carefully planned with regard to position , content and presentation .
58 Barnett will however know in his own mind that he has to replace the 2,000 runs scored by the departed Azharuddin if Derbyshire are to be effective challengers .
59 Long-nets have to be set properly if they are to be effective .
60 The motivation must be right if we are to be effective in the Lord 's service .
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