Example sentences of "[be] hold to be " in BNC.

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31 Distinctions between errors within and errors going to jurisdiction should be discarded ; any error of law should be held to be jurisdictional if the case depended upon it .
32 The reasons for the decision might also be held to be part of the record .
33 Pickets handing out leaflets to passers by may thereby cause harassment , alarm or distress , but they should not be held to be guilty of an offence on that account alone .
34 If I thought that the present case raised the question which has been held in suspense by more than one writer on constitutional law — namely , whether an assembly can properly be held to be unlawful merely because the holding of it is expected to give rise to a breach of the peace on the part of persons opposed to those who are holding the meeting — I should wish to hear much more argument before expressing an opinion .
35 Does the case suggest that the worse the plight of the promisor ( for example , the bigger the penalty clause ) the greater the benefit to him and the more likely it is that performance of the contract will be held to be consideration ?
36 However , the rising level of deaths and serious injuries in industry generally is a matter of great shame to us all , but it is a matter of great shame in particular for those who can be held to be responsible .
37 The traditional view is that there is no age below which a child can not be held to be guilty of contributory negligence .
38 In M & S Drapers v Reynolds [ 1957 ] 1 WLR 9 Morris LJ said " I do not consider that a restriction … would necessarily be held to be unreasonable merely because it could be shown possibly to extend to one or two cases beyond the range of contemplated protection " .
39 Although a court will generally strive to resolve uncertainties and ambiguities so as to give effect to a commercial contract wherever possible ( especially where the agreement is already partly executed ) , uncertainty or ambiguity may lead a court to conclude that the term is too uncertain to be enforceable , and in extreme cases the whole contract may be held to be void .
40 Certain occupations were held to be unfitting for baptized believers ; magic , idolatry , eroticism , games in the amphitheatre ranked as unsuitable occupations .
41 Such people were held to be possessed of none of the attributes of pure intellect , the cultivation of which was the purpose of education .
42 The way of life argument was often used against closure since schools were held to be an important aspect of local life since the loss of the teacher and the school building seemed like a sentence of death for the community .
43 The union of both right and left hemispheres in bilateral symmetry results , ideally , in the perfect man ; the enlightened one , as all Pharaohs were held to be .
44 Similar principles were applied in Mannion v Johnston ( 1988 ) STC 758 , heard at the same time , where two separate disposals of less than half the farm land were held to be merely limited changes of scale and not a disposal of part of the business .
45 The profits of a Hong Kong company which granted fixed fee sub-licences of video films to overseas customers were held to be ‘ arising in ’ and ‘ derived from ’ Hong Kong by the Privy Council in Commissioner of Inland Revenue v HK-TVB International Ltd [ 1992 ] STI 745 .
46 Transactions in shares , not necessarily at arm 's length or for cash , and previous agreements with the Inland Revenue with regard to their valuation , were held to be admissible evidence in relation to the valuation of the shares .
47 Even if my assessment of its implications concerning the relative order of emergence of the intentional ingredient and of syntactic structure were held to be incorrect , the mechanism of that evolution might be of independent interest , and be seen as bearing on other problems besides ( especially in developmental psychology and theoretical linguistics ) .
48 Anti-English slanders they were held to be by the genteel Victorian travellers who continued to come to the Pyrenees .
49 ‘ By the Crown Proceedings Act 1947 , the defendants are placed in the same position as the ordinary subjects of the Crown ( see section 21 of the Crown Proceedings Act 1947 ) and I see no reason why they should not in appropriate cases refuse to refund money paid to them voluntarily under a mistake of law , as the revenue authorities were held to be entitled to do in the case of William Whiteley Ltd. v. The King and National Pari-Mutuel Association Ltd. v. The King .
50 The bank were held to be affected by the knowledge of the independent solicitor , Mr. Hallworth , of the undue influence brought upon Mrs. Aboody to sign the particular charge .
51 Nevertheless they were held to be in contempt but , the strike having collapsed , no penalty was imposed .
52 But breaches of the injunction continued and the union officials were held to be in contempt , the union being fined £50,000 with sequestration of assets to follow , if needed .
53 Several unions were held to be in contempt , were fined and had their assets sequestrated .
54 In 1985 regulations were held to be void as having no statutory authority where their purpose was to force able-bodied young people who lived on supplementary benefit to move from one area to another in search of employment .
55 Of particular importance from the Soviet point of view , states of this kind were held to be ‘ objectively anti-imperialist ’ in that they generally opposed the substantial control over their domestic affairs that had traditionally been exercised by the major capitalist powers .
56 For examples of bye-laws which were held to be ultra vires , see Scottish General Transport Co. v. Glasgow Corporation , 1928 S.C .
57 As a result , women were held to be psychologically unstable .
58 This seems to be at variance with John Jones where a number of incidents over a period were held to be duplicitously charged as a single count of affray .
59 It might be ( and indeed I think it would be ) an improvement in our law , if a release or acquittance of the whole debt , on payment of any sum which the creditor might be content to receive by way of accord and satisfaction ( though less than the whole ) , were held to be , generally , binding , though not under seal ; nor should I be unwilling to see equal force given to a prospective agreement , like the present , in writing though not under seal ; but I think it impossible , without refinements which practically alter the sense of the word , to treat such a release or acquittance as supported by any new consideration proceeding from the debtor .
60 In his province , Huy remembered , Surere had tried to impose what he had interpreted as the supporting columns of a decent society : sexual responsibility and even monogamy were held to be the roots of a stable family ; sexual relations between members of that family were restricted to cousins .
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