Example sentences of "[conj] i [verb] [prep] " in BNC.

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61 An action was instituted — the only libel action where I acted for Harold Wilson which came to court — and I thought it wise to brief a member of the Opposition to act as counsel on his behalf .
62 He took us to the Þingvellir National park where the clouds parted and the sun shone on square kilometres of snow that was so clean and pure it made me weep for all the time we had lost on the trip , and for the pleasure of being where I wanted to be .
63 The measure was termed the I-measure ( where I stands for intensity ) .
64 When I tired of writing press releases on new lube concepts I left Wartberg 's valve business to go to the Angstrom Corporation , where I worked on the launch of a new biscuit , the Pink Finger .
65 Where I worked in the university , if a woman came in covered in bruises , no one would say anything , although we all knew what had happened .
66 Just as unc so a step " up " and a step " down " added together leave me where I started with zero displacement ) .
67 It was a lovely day when the train steamed into Euston , back where I started from , and there at the ticket barrier J. was waiting , as arranged , and I did n't have to salute anyone any more .
68 Where I work for you ? ’
69 Stockley Park near Heathrow is the site of a huge new golf course , where I work from a small mobile office .
70 However , after being in the ‘ Rena ’ for a week , I became seriously ill with septicaemia and was moved to St. Peter 's Hospital , where I stayed for three weeks .
71 In fact , they whisked me off to the Nanking Workers ' Hospital , where I stayed in ‘ solitary confinement ’ until this afternoon .
72 A piece of land where I happened to be born .
73 The Men came for me where I huddled in the marram grass and they took me back to the low cage .
74 I grew up pretty much as everybody else grows up and one day seven years ago I found myself saying to myself — I ca n't live where I want to — I ca n't go where I want to — I ca n't do what I want to — I ca n't even day what I want to .
75 I grew up pretty much as everybody else grows up and one day seven years ago I found myself saying to myself — I ca n't live where I want to — I ca n't go where I want to — I ca n't do what I want to — I ca n't even day what I want to .
76 But he was talking to me , and he said , he said ah how , how you getting on over there , and he went yeah , yeah , it 's alright , you know , but it 's not where I want to be , you know , away from me family .
77 I found the whisky , let myself out of the cellar and locked it , turned all the lights out , gave Mrs McSpadden the bottle , accepted a belated new-year kiss from her , then made my way out through the kitchen and the corridor and the crowded hall where the music sounded loud and people were laughing , and out through the now almost empty entrance hall and down the steps of the castle and down the driveway and down to Gallanach , where I walked along the esplanade — occasionally having to wave or say ‘ Happy New Year ’ to various people I did n't know — until I got to the old railway pier and then the harbour , where I sat on the quayside , legs dangling , drinking my whisky and watching a couple of swans glide on black , still water , to the distant sound of highland jigs coming from the Steam Packet Hotel , and singing and happy-new-year shouts echoing in the streets of the town , and the occasional sniff as my nose watered in sympathy with my eyes .
78 Just to look at the cradle he had ready and waiting with its green cover there in the living room transported him , ‘ though it was only a hospital where she was lying and where I sat near her . ’
79 They were still talking when I continued on my way back to my roomette where I sat in comfortable privacy for a while reading the timetable and also reflecting that although I still had no answers to the old questions , I now had a whole crop of new ones , the most urgent being whether or not Filmer had already known the Youngs were friends of Ezra Gideon .
80 Erika frowned and tilted her head as if trying to remember and then , cruelly , said , ‘ Oh yes , where I danced with that interesting lad , and with Herman Guttenbruk . ’
81 Where I talk about sites specific is to get down to this nitty gritty about which comes first , the erm inquiry or the erm planning consent .
82 Where I have to be .
83 So , if you think that I 've got where I have by giving my sexual favours to Tim Dunton , or anyone else … ’
84 Petri often quoted the older man 's opinion : ‘ He called me his most genuine pupil and tried everything to further me , recommended me to managers and conductors , sent to me all the pupils he did not want to take , and was instrumental in getting me the appointment of Professor of Piano at the Royal College of Manchester , England , where I remained from 1905 to 1911 ’ .
85 exactly where I stand on this !
86 I know exactly who I am and where I stand in the world .
87 where I stand in another life ,
88 ‘ It is like a house I dreamed of once , where I wandered through its rooms for an eternity . ’
89 I die from loss , or I die from guilt , and either way I die .
90 If the hon. Member for Oldham , West or I wrote to our local tax inspector and claimed that someone had put a form through our letterbox requiring only our signature for the taxation officer to open up our tax affairs for the past 30 years on the offchance that we might be entitled to something , that would be farcical .
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