Example sentences of "[conj] i [verb] [prep] " in BNC.

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31 Where I refer to sections of the Act which confer powers upon the Secretary of State which are now exercised by the S.I.B. , I shall refer to that body .
32 Their voices can be heard throughout the following pages , where I refer to them consistently by name .
33 Where I come from , if we see a pigeon we throw a stone at it .
34 Where I come from it 's tougher country than this . ’
35 ‘ And where I come from , ’ he told her , ‘ it 's soft and beautiful .
36 Now ‘ Bordah ’ , though so pronounced refers to Border , one of South Africa 's smallest sports provinces , where I come from , on the south-eastern coast , covering the area of the Cape Province 's border with Natal .
37 Where I come from , erm most of the the the fish , the fishing part of the community , up until just two , three years ago we had a tradition of women 's working practices which were handed down for hundreds of years from the female side .
38 Where I come from , we were taught to prefer the best of everything .
39 " The American South where I come from is mighty proud of its good manners , messieurs , " said the senator , flashing them a smile of exaggerated charm .
40 ‘ It 's called democracy where I come from .
41 Where I come from there is always a war going on somewhere or other .
42 Where I come from , it 's normal .
43 They do n't forget so easily where I come from .
44 She looks at me sometimes and gives sad little sighs , bewildered smiles , as though she really is n't quite sure where I come from .
45 Today , in my constituency of Brecon and Radnor , where my father came from and where I come from , unemployment has doubled in the past 15 months .
46 Where I come from is chock-a-block with perfectly useful and agreeable people who happen to be old . ’
47 I am very positive in my views , and where I come from .
48 erm in the days when they had terraced houses back to back terraced houses erm well anywhere in the country I guess but but where I come from it was fine for the people who lived with their doors on the on the road but the people who lived at the other side of the block they could n't get from the road so every so often down the down the terrace they had a little alley way an entry I think you 'd probably call it in Scotland , do n't they ?
49 It is a lot quieter here than Derby , where I come from .
50 Those words are n't used where I come from .
51 no Arthur that 's how we made it where I come from
52 Down the street opposite , Spring Avenue , and towards the car park , where I head for a silver Ford Granada , so that I can pause and hide a mo , to see how the pursuit is going .
53 There were points of Government policy where I disagreed with the official line .
54 Where I live at present is bounded by two rivers and is quite close to the sea .
55 Mark : I ca n't say that to the same extent , but where I live at the moment I know a lot of people within five minutes ' walk and there are ten or fifteen gay people I know who live locally ; there are people I can visit without any great effort whatsoever , whom I 'm likely to meet in the shops .
56 It is a nice change from my one little room where I live by myself , and do all there is to do , washing included .
57 Until I 'm safe in my grave — where I long to be , let me tell you ! — I am still mistress here . ’
58 I pulled the door shut and almost ran to the front door and into Langdon Crescent garden , where I stood for five minutes breathing in the fresh air .
59 Where I stood like
60 I had to go below ground to an office where I spoke to a policeman .
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