Example sentences of "[conj] i [vb past] you " in BNC.

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31 But I di , I did n't realise that I thought you were actually .
32 No I , no I understand what you 're saying , it 's just that I thought you said three questions of each .
33 You know when I when I first thought of that I thought you know I 'd let us keep it .
34 I 'll get you so you wo n't even recognise your own body but after we 've done it you 'll be grateful to me that I made you do it and you 'll enjoy it and you 'll get better at it and one day you 'll thank me for doing this to you .
35 I think it was Angie and Tony , going back to that incredible support that I told you about when I first met them , that they were also dreamers and had such faith and believed in David 's future and his destiny .
36 Then his wife was frightened , and she said , " It is only a tale that I told you to ease your heart .
37 When you asked how Tom and the children were , you must have thought it odd that I told you what Tom , and Alison and Cheryl were doing without really mentioning Peter .
38 I 'm sorry that I told you now .
39 You see and that al old aunt that I told you about she always referred this road through as the new road .
40 And all the lies that I told you were to try to escape the lie that was my life .
41 We 've , we 've just been told to write it about either kidnapping or erm about the thing that I told you
42 she say that , and she say that and she 's always writing your name over the books and everything , okay , oh yeah , you must ask him if he fancies me and love him and ask him why he do n't he phone me that often , ask him that , you must say , right yeah , but do n't tell him that I told you to ask him , yeah
43 He said , still with his back to her : ‘ It 's ridiculous to say that I forced you .
44 You may gather from my behaviour that I meant you , not Jones .
45 I do n't know that I meant you to guess anything , ’ he said grudgingly .
46 Er , I am mindful chairman that I embarrassed you acutely at the end of education meeting on Friday , erm , and I know that I , I have a circumstance coming up in February , where I have a child who is unexpectedly on a training day , erm , on a day where I actually have two meetings of this council , now either I get substituted , or we arrange for a one off carer situation .
47 But you must believe that I kept you here not because I wanted to , but because I believed it my duty to those whom God ( or , well , the Company anyway ) has placed in my care .
48 ‘ I am so sorry that I caused you such grief by acting as I did , by going off without telling anyone .
49 If I contacted him on the same number that I contacted you
50 ‘ You see that I had you in my mind ! ’
51 I told her that I had you at work then yesterday , right , she says oh no another one , right , and ended up
52 That I surprised you . ’
53 Her comments alongside her weekly measuring sessions said so much that I felt you would enjoy reading them too :
54 That I felt you should know your position if just such an event as this occurred ? ’
55 However , it is not about your father that I summoned you today , it is about you . ’
56 When I kissed you that first night , and accepted that I desired you , I knew then that with the situation so volatile I should get us both out of there and back to Mariánské Láznë . ’
57 You 've got ta stick to the same order that I showed you this morning , yeah ?
58 ‘ I 'm sorry that I accused you of taking them . ’
59 And perhaps your arrogance tells you that I encouraged you — up to a point , that is — in the same way as I 'm supposed to have encouraged Rob .
60 ‘ But you were looking so absorbed that I guessed you were admiring that wonderful bureau . ’
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