Example sentences of "[conj] i [verb] [pron] " in BNC.

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31 I decided to rent a room for him in a house near ours , where I thought he would be safe for the moment .
32 ‘ For six years you have dogged me wherever I went and now you have turned up here , where I thought I had found a safe haven . ’
33 And I do n't where I got I gave him quite a good sermon which I thought was y know quite erm to try and help the situation and he said I 'd give them er my conditions .
34 South bank as well 'cause that 's where I started , where I got my first board ever .
35 Where I mean our , invariably our in involvement is much greater than the Q S.
36 I felt up from thigh to hip , and leaned close where I judged his face to be , but never a breath or a sign of life .
37 My flower — the one that I remember best out of many — was gathered where I said it had been .
38 Where I had nothing , she had everything .
39 Leaving the main building at bedtime , I walked back through the old walled garden , the churchyard , and down the grassy lane to the cottage annexe where I had my room .
40 I watch the familiar shops and houses go by ; Mum 's old gift shop ( now a video shop ) ; the Arms , where I had my first pint ; Dad 's old garage , still doing business .
41 I came from a B-Cat prison where I had my own basin and toilet .
42 It is the text , however , where I fear I must fault the guide at times .
43 My son fishes at the fish farm where I know there is a responsible adult who he can ask for help if needed .
44 My son fishes quite often at the fish farm where I know there is a responsible adult who he can ask for help if needed .
45 So , but where I know it is a bit difficult with clothes because a market stall erm you do n't , you do n't normally get a chance to try the clothes on erm and you 're never absolutely sure are these clothes , is this garment going to fit or not ?
46 He likes these contacts with the more substantial world and happily hurries off in the direction of his stationery shop and fax bureau , where I know he will encounter many difficulties .
47 ’ ‘ cept ‘ rithmetic , ’ I replied with bravado , ‘ where I beat her silly . ’
48 Then wasps ; a cloud of them hovered around my Virginia creeper where I suspected they had a nest .
49 ‘ Possibly because the new ventilation system I 've recently supervised being installed in a factory in one of the Arab Emirates has proved so successful that I have orders for two more , or possibly because I 've just spent four weeks at full stretch in a very hot country with very little relaxation and deserve a holiday — but more probably because I own a majority stockholding in the company I bought cheap and built up to its present eminence , which gives me the position of chairman and managing director and full autonomy in deciding what I do , where I do it and with whom . ’
50 where I showed my hand too soon ,
51 Jim was elected to Portsmouth city council in nineteen seventy six as a member for where I understand he tried to play football occasionally until nineteen eighty six .
52 In the London suburb where I live we see plenty of foxes , and I feel far greater affection for them than for the local cats or dogs .
53 ‘ She 's the wife of a chap at A.W.E. , sorry , I should explain , where I live we 're right alongside the Atomic Weapons Establishment .
54 Where I live it 's like a real community black , white , half-caste .
55 In the part of town where I live I see strangers who I would call truly beautiful at least once a day .
56 Where I live there is a large Indian community , and local fishmongers often have Tilapia , and Parrotfish , as imported delicacies , although they are cheaper to ship than live fish .
57 where I sense myself grow lighter and heavier , dizzy , solid ,
58 Do n't you remember that lunch we had , where I lost my temper ?
59 I had no such skill , but I was learning , and it was an infinite satisfaction to keep Joanna moving , and going where I wanted her to go , with the sweep .
60 Knowing this , I was still impotent , for I had nothing to put in its stead , no one to turn to for advice or support , and I had learned for myself nothing of life except that I was bad at living , and that where I loved I met only rejection and disaster .
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