Example sentences of "[conj] i [verb] [pron] " in BNC.

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1 I would be most grateful if you would telephone and speak to either Heidi or me to let me know if and when this would be convenient for you .
2 about analysis or me giving them the dream and I have to sort of like get out for myself what
3 With respect to the embalming [ of ] Bodies , the methods that were commonly practised could , I know , have no effect ; at that time I read a good many Books upon ‘ Balsamation ’ but got very little instruction from reading these : according to my own Idea the best way would be to preserve the Body for some time that putrefaction should hardly be able to take place , & that it should gradually get rid of its moisture , & that , when it dried , it should have such imbalming juices in it , that it should resist putrefaction , & the insects at the same time be either kept off or destroyed : I set out with this Opinion & thought that something must be thrown thro' the whole Body : the when the Body was preserved , my Idea of getting rid of moisture was , to place the Body in some strong absorbent substance , & that substance which proved best I thought was Paris Plaister & I thought I could lay in a common Coffin such a quantity of Paris Plaister as would take out all the moisture & then I thought the Body should be rather in a wooden case than a leaden one because the Wood would assist the Absorption .
4 Othe possibilities include Brian Robson ( experienced international ) Ray Wilkins ( experienced & I think he 'd be pretty good ) .
5 And a call came over the radio that there was a problem with one of the pumps downstairs , so seeing I had nothing better to do at that time I went downstairs to give them a hand .
6 It 's there where I met him .
7 The dancer , on her way back to the United States , took Dana in her VW to Lisbon , Porto and Bilbao , where I met them , then we drove all the way to Paris .
8 A couple of blocks away is John Smiths , where I met my old friend Robert Clow , in company with his number two , Willie Anderson , current treasurer of the BA .
9 She was still sitting where I left her ; that was a good sign .
10 There it is sitting out on the garden path where I left it .
11 And she had opened my locked drawer where I keep my private papers , but I 'm not going to mention that .
12 ‘ On Lee Beach there 's a safe anchorage where I keep my old fishing boat , ’ said her host .
13 I finished my list of demands and took it to the Branch Office , where I received something of a hero 's welcome .
14 The granny table where I ate my toast was now a cocktail cabinet , with studded plastic , three high stools , a Manhattan skyline of siphons and shakers .
15 I read everything I could find about France ( since France was my dream country , where I felt I 'd been meant to be born and grow up … ) and developed a particular passion for the French Revolution , reading all the Scarlet Pimpernel books , the story of the first Madame Tussaud , forced to model the guillotined heads , and everything that I could find that would bring it all to life .
16 You have n't even enquired about my holiday or where I spent it . ’
17 in the empty market-place , where I imagine myself
18 Bozo stares up and down the road and wonders what to do before he finally fixes his bleary gaze where I hoped he would , and trudges away towards the phonebox .
19 When I saw buildings coming up , I drove the Felder off the track behind an outcrop of rock , where I hoped it was both safe and unobtrusive for the night .
20 ‘ E's my brother an' where I go 'e goes , ’ I replied defiantly .
21 But where I go I do n't need them .
22 At 5pm that day I went along to Anouska Hempel 's very individual and attractive showroom at 2 Pond Place , Chelsea , where I saw her really lovely couture collection , for which she derived the inspiration from Eastern Europe .
23 Without waiting for my assent , he pulled writing materials from his cloak , where I saw he had several notebooks .
24 I lay there in the Bomb Circle where I killed her other son , and I hoped that she was dead , too .
25 Today , the pheasant survives only in the southern part of my province , Ha Tinh , where I hope we can create a special reserve to protect it from hunters and ultimate extinction .
26 Where I hope he will reflect on the unwisdom of employing his charm and duplicity on a woman as sharp as I. ’
27 Although Johnson twice found the hillocky little town lacking — ‘ At night we came to Bamff [ sic ] , where I remember nothing that particularly claimed my attention ’ ; and ‘ Finding nothing to detain us at Bamff , we set out in the morning ’ — he yet managed to write a short exercise in observation of Scottish small borough architecture .
28 I dried off the needle and dropped it into the metal box where I carried my suture materials , scalpels and blades .
29 Where I made my mistake was in not checking back with his number in Freiburg at the edge of the Black Forest .
30 Cantona being the more obvious example , but I cant remember one sale where I thought we got a decent price .
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