Example sentences of "[conj] [pron] [vb past] [pron] " in BNC.

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31 I came from a B-Cat prison where I had my own basin and toilet .
32 Then wasps ; a cloud of them hovered around my Virginia creeper where I suspected they had a nest .
33 where I showed my hand too soon ,
34 Do n't you remember that lunch we had , where I lost my temper ?
35 I had no such skill , but I was learning , and it was an infinite satisfaction to keep Joanna moving , and going where I wanted her to go , with the sweep .
36 Knowing this , I was still impotent , for I had nothing to put in its stead , no one to turn to for advice or support , and I had learned for myself nothing of life except that I was bad at living , and that where I loved I met only rejection and disaster .
37 I have just visited the Hilliard Society exhibition where I found your magazine .
38 I was obliged to write essays … where I gave myself up to an almost purely artistic rendering of such facts as I remembered , and such opinions as I could concoct by the help of memory , fancy , and the radical and the free-thinking influence of home …
39 Prices ( including flights ) based on the Taj Holiday Village where I stayed my first week start at £566 per person for seven days ' bed and breakfast ( £738 for fourteen days ) .
40 On getting there I calculated when I would arrive at the next post , where I promised myself lunch .
41 I then went to Coventry Belgrade for six months , where I did everything from Malcolm in Macbeth to the play Charlie 's Aunt .
42 where I did my placement .
43 He had been so badly injured that he was moved to the prison hospital , where I visited him every day .
44 I waited for another few seconds and then crossed the landing to my own flat where I completed my own process of locking myself in for the night .
45 I 'd be anchored where I reckoned she 'd get a little shelter from the bay in which she lay , but with a gentle south-westerly and no sign of any break in the weather , I was n't worried about her , and took the easiest line ashore .
46 A few weeks ago we were fortunate enough to meet in a public house where I bought you half a dozen pints and we engaged in a long and fascinating conversation .
47 But Bob said to me where I bought it from , he said I do n't think it would survive the winter because it comes from the Scilly Isles which is warmer .
48 By train to Bologna ( where I bought my hiking boots ) , by truck to Rovereto ; thenceforward we moved in daily spurts of twenty or twenty-five miles , always accompanied or monitored , from village to village , farm to farm , on foot , by cart , in preposterous automobiles .
49 The next thing is er on the agenda we 've got the or I thought we had .
50 Or I thought I heard these words , for Captain was growling so fiercely , I was n't sure .
51 See my dad likes videos and things like that but he wa he , I know he likes aftershave , he likes that Old Spice and that so I thought well I 'll get him something like that or I thought I sort of saw cos I 'm going shopping Saturday , I 'm trying to get it all Saturday if I can .
52 Or I thought it was .
53 Oh customers or I thought you said gostermers
54 ‘ He was still nice , or I thought he was .
55 PS JOANNE … could you send me your fax number again if you still need the telegraph thing , the number you gave before is wrong — or I copied it down wrong .
56 You talk about spoilt rich middle-class kids over here , but the truth is if Steve or I saw their houses , we 'd probably think they were lower lower lower middle-class . ’
57 He said our flight had been delayed and he 'd spent the time in the bar , and then added , rather unconvincingly , that some woman had insisted on ‘ plying Phaeton with liquor ’ as he put it , but there was a hollowness in the way he said it , and I do n't think either Gill or I believed him for a moment .
58 Yes , why I am asking you or I did I say
59 or I found I preferred men instead . ’
60 In I gave the book to him or I gave him the book , him would normally be considered thematic in FSP theory .
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