Example sentences of "[conj] [pron] [verb] that " in BNC.

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31 Where where you know that he can go out to the market for a popular metric bearing and and slaughter the old price
32 You say you did n't see the statuette , but you told Sergeant Bird earlier that your attention was directed towards that alcove , where you felt that someone was hiding … ’
33 A community where you learn that the only way to survive is to fight back .
34 Where you think that one of your disbursements is likely to be challenged you should get the expert to produce a breakdown of how it was that the fees came to be charged , whether on a fixed rate basis or an hourly charge basis , and this should be available to disclose to the opposition and to be used on taxation .
35 Either that or you know that the press has completely run out of lies to write about you .
36 Why was it right to train a fellow and you knew , or you felt that , you could not go to the flight commander or the wing commander and say a think this fellow should go down the pits , " or a think we should remuster him to the Army or the Navy " .
37 Or you discover that there is no phonemic distinction between dental and alveolar sounds and therefore it is not necessary to put [ _ ] under symbols to mark dental .
38 If the number of files selected is too large , or you think that you have missed an important file , you can alter the Search options .
39 Or you think that all they are is another piece of silver to flog off like Mrs Thatcher flogged off the nationalised industries .
40 The director wants you to do it a certain way , and either you do n't feel that he 's right or you feel that he 's right but he 's forcing you to be a square peg in a round hole .
41 We either ignore it , but if it 's done in public you feel threatened , or you feel that you are showing weakness if you just ignore it .
42 I regret if this remark has misled Mr Blair or you to think that I could preach at Kildalton as a Candidate .
43 Or you forget that it 's wet , or whatever !
44 You said that erm or you implied that it was important to stow the c the erm slates v v very carefully .
45 Th you said or you implied that the women were surprised that er that they could have power and you use it effectively .
46 The defendant must establish not only that the plaintiff consented to the risk but also that he or she agreed that if he or she was injured the loss should be his or hers and not the defendant 's .
47 This allowed an individual citizen to request that case be referred to the Constitutional Council if he or she felt that fundamental rights were being undermined .
48 The suspect , or the solicitor dealing with the case on his or her behalf ( subject to availability ) , may make representations to the review officer about the continuing detention — but the officer may refuse to hear these if he or she decides that the suspect is ‘ unfit … by reason of his condition or behaviour ’ .
49 Now in Katsikas the Court has asserted that the Directive does not require the employee to take advantage of the transfer provisions if he or she decides that it is not in his or her best interests to do so .
50 If one person chooses to cause serious injury to another , it should be presumed that he or she realizes that there is always a risk of death , and such cases show a sufficiently wanton disregard for life as to warrant the label ‘ murder ’ if death results .
51 Uses behaviour that emphasises the interviewer 's powers to appraise and evaluate — sitting back in the chair , head tilting backwards , hand covering mouth , perhaps , looking doubtful and not registering any reaction to what is said , or indicating that he or she appreciates that their ‘ victim ’ has finished an answer .
52 Others are not reported because of embarrassment or fear on the part of the victim ( rape , domestic assaults ) , or because he or she thinks that there is little the police can do about it ( vandalism , shoplifting ) , or that the offence is not very serious anyway , or that there is no unwilling victim ( drug abuse , soliciting , under-age sex ) .
53 Reading experiences expressed by this node are characterised , in ordinary language , by the total dependence of the reader 's satisfaction on whether he or she thinks that the author has enjoyed writing the text , on the basis additionally that the reader thinks that the author is satisfied by the enjoyment gained by readers ' interpretative efforts .
54 Ask a Christian why he or she believes that God exists , and they might reply : ‘ It is a matter of faith . ’
55 This remains a pertinent warning for all who profess religious faith , or who argue that religious commitment by itself can save the world .
56 ‘ Any party who seeks to charge an accounting party with an amount beyond that which he has by his account admitted to have received or who alleges that any item in his account is erroneous in respect of amount or in any other respect must give him notice thereof stating , so far as he is able , the amount sought to be charged with brief particulars thereof or , as the case may be , the grounds for alleging that the item is erroneous .
57 Successful litigants who are vindictive , or excessively conscientious , or who fear that they will be liable to litigation themselves if they fail to extract everything possible from a claim , might well pursue the individual partners for their assets .
58 At that time , a man who persuaded himself ‘ in the passion of a moment ’ that No meant Yes , or who believed that women who said ‘ No ’ never meant it , would have escaped liability even where recklessness was part of the mens rea of rape .
59 We turned our ponies and galloped back to the Legation , where we learnt that news had just come in of a great victory for the Shoan army .
60 The Brecon Beacons Park Society will , of course , focus its attention on local issues arising within the Park , where we hope that their voice will support ours , and vice versa .
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