Example sentences of "[conj] [verb] [art] same " in BNC.

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31 Suffice it here to note that I do not mean that all religions are really saying the same thing ; that differences do not matter , that they all have basically the same origins , or fulfil the same functions .
32 Marjorie Perloff has remarked that young American academics and students have a shared culture based on having read or studied the same books : ‘ they have , by and large , taken courses that expose them to writers like Freud , Nietzsche , and Marx , whereas the odds are that they have not taken a course in , say , the lyric poetry of Goethe , the fiction of Stendhal , or the theatre of Molière . ’
33 Do you want to add anything to that Mr , or does the same point apply ?
34 Chapter 6 deals with those cases where the husband is ordered to convey or transfer his interest in the matrimonial home upon certain terms or settle the same upon certain trusts .
35 It was recognized that a work of literature might employ , to advance its serious purpose , a style which resembled , or had the same effect as , the pornographer 's : here the jury was to be assisted to draw the line by experts who would offer judgments as to the degree of importance the article represented in its particular discipline .
36 ‘ The petitioners remark that ‘ the Royal Veterinary College of London is the private property of the subscribers thereto who may continue or close the same at their discretion ; that it is only from their desire to advance the veterinary art that they have allowed their institution to be employed as a College of instruction ; and that thereby the veterinary profession in this country owes even its existence to their establishment ’ .
37 Whilst it is hoped that this text as a whole will contribute to the development of the personal qualities necessary for successful salesmanship , this chapter concentrates specifically on those aspects of international selling with which a firm either exporting or contemplating the same should be familiar .
38 Many of the factors ( social or otherwise ) which may affect either the need for or the cost of delivering health care are unevenly distributed , often in small pockets , and do not present in the same way — or have the same social meaning — in different parts of Britain .
39 No one else would go to those lengths or have the same passion about things . ’
40 reverse it on the back or have the same on the back
41 Asked if moral values have got better , worse , or stayed the same over the past ten years , 82 per cent said they had got worse .
42 You could see a band that plays the same type of music as us on TOTP but they would n't look like us …
43 From Los Angeles came a report of a film theatre that shared the same building with an undertaker and where the hall itself was squalid and narrow with grease spots on the wall where ‘ delighted spectators have leaned their enraptured heads ’ .
44 The countries that were under the control of ruling Marxist-Leninist parties represented , for the USSR , the ‘ world socialist system ’ , a community of nations that shared the same political , social and economic interests .
45 This section is concerned with the introduction and application of certain particularly useful types of equivalent circuit that display the same form of linear small-signal response as any nonlinear four-terminal network .
46 They will be able to give you a practical demonstration and support with an after sales service that offers a same day or out of hours call .
47 On this view , understandably , animals would be of no more worth in themselves than drugs or edifying books that produced the same effect .
48 If the bulge is axisymmetric , lines of sight that make the same angle on either side of the centre will appear equally bright .
49 If you do see a sign like that please , or any words that mean the same thing , like no refunds , no money refunded , no money refunded on sale goods any of those phrases , will you please let Trad your nearest Trading Standards Office know .
50 Although preferring the same soft acid water conditions favoured by the true Harlequin , espei tends to be less fussy about changes in the water chemistry .
51 This means that to obtain the same measurement for height and width the proportion of stitches to rows will be different .
52 Alternatively , if you expect to be in a high earning bracket , you might consider setting up a limited company , even if you are the only salaried employee , rather than launching the same business as a self-employed individual .
53 The New York Times 's Vincent Canby wrote : ‘ There is nothing obviously glossy in Midnight Cowboy , but it contains a lot of superior laughter that has the same softening effect , ’ yet he found the central relationship was ‘ as honest and affecting as anything you 're likely to see in a movie , and more than compensates for those moments when the film seems to be exploiting its cheap , gaudy locale as might the director of a sight-seeing bus cruising through West 42nd Street and Greenwich Village ’ .
54 A part or organ in one animal that has the same function as another part or organ in a different animal ’ ( 1843 ) ; ( on late nineteenth century biology ) — ‘ Morphology was studied because it was the material believed to be the most favourable for elucidation of the problems of evolution , and we all thought that in embryology the quintessence of morphological truth was most palpably presented ’ ( 1922 ) ; ( on developmental constraint ) — ‘ But if organisation and the laws of development exclude some lines of variation and favour others , there is certainly nothing supernatural in this , and nothing which is incompatible with natural selection ’ ( 1919 ) .
55 An anaphor is a word , phrase or ellipsis that has the same meaning as a previous word or phrase in a text , for example a third person pronoun or a verbal ellipsis ( eg Sarah likes burgundy , and Sally , claret ) .
56 Any activity that causes the same physical emotional feelings as the particular addictive behaviour would be best avoided .
57 Concern about the disease has also been strengthened by reports of the death of a British dairy farmer from Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease , a rare dementia in humans that causes the same kind of brain damage as BSE .
58 Moreover , verbs that involve the same primitive automatically have the same case frame , eliminating the duplication of effort seen with the other approaches .
59 Alternatively , the teacher may take the initiative : ‘ Can you find one that looks the same as this one ?
60 The idea is that a service representative talking to a customer on the phone will be able to view a document on the screen that looks the same as the printed document the customer has .
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