Example sentences of "[conj] [verb] at [art] " in BNC.

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31 Every actual utterance is spatiotemporally unique , being spoken or written at a particular place and at a particular time ; and provided that there is some standard system for identifying points in space and time , we can , in principle , specify the actual spatiotemporal situation of any utterance act .
32 Yes , but you 'd been to the flat at about ten thirty in the evening before was there anything you heard or seen at the flat to indicate it might be a hostage situation ?
33 ( It is n't relevant whether the creators live or die at the end of ‘ The Food of the Gods ’ ) .
34 If a message can be compressed one hundred times , it can be transmitted in one hundredth of the time , or transmitted at the same speed through a channel with one hundredth of the band width , and it can be stored in one hundredth of the volume of the original .
35 Although these are sometimes slavishly historical , or played at a frenetic tempo ( as if over-eager to cast off the stately past ) , the benefits of such experiments are clear .
36 If anyone starts talking about sex or looking at the Indian women , someone always says , ‘ Riddled with diseases I 'm sure . ’
37 Extending the curriculum to include a range of applications which more adequately than at present represents the kinds of human endeavour where mathematics is used would be another such change , with fewer examples involving ballistics and war , for instance , and more involving such activities as working with fabrics , designing appliances for the disabled or looking at the school canteen 's queuing problems .
38 When you are actually sort of writing er , say if you are , when you are doing your project or doing your work it 's not just sufficient to say always T ratio is greater than two , therefore , it 's statistically significant , you must calculate the er correct critical value you use , right , for th for each T ratio and also if you are looking at any diagnostics or looking at the significance of the regression which is an F statistic right you must give the five percent or ten percent whichever you choose .
39 The court may give him help , certainly ; for instance by discovery of documents inter partes … ; by allowing evidence to be obtained or presented at the trial in various ways … ; and by the issue of subpoenas …
40 If the package is to contain modules which already exist , then each one must be referenced as LATEST , PREFERRED or SELECTED at a specified issue , resulting in ‘ MODULE-RELATIONS-ARE ’ references of the form :
41 And whether you are dining in the restaurant or relaxing at the bar , our helpful staff want to make sure you really enjoy your visit .
42 That is why it is possible for a Christian in particular to feel at one and the same time joyful because the person who has died has entered eternal life , and overwhelmingly sad , or guilty , or relieved at the thought that they have died and the survivor is left with vast changes to absorb into their life pattern .
43 Talk to your employer about this , or look at the leaflet ‘ Employment rights ’ mentioned above .
44 Another says : ‘ I pray best when I sit before the Blessed Sacrament , or look at the Crucifix without saying anything — just being with the Lord . ’
45 To find out about Alexander Technique classes or workshops , ask your local-education authority for details , search your local ‘ what 's on ’ in the newspaper or look at the noticeboard in your library .
46 You can also use your Card to call up the balance , print-out or order a statement , or look at the last few transactions on your account at one or more of the new AutoBanking machines we are installing up and down the country to help you .
47 I would n't speak to him all the evening , or look at the things he 'd bought , even though I could see one of them was a picture-frame .
48 They could compare the weight of the irons and investigate what they were made of , or look at the energy source they needed and the implications of this — the electric iron is not much use without an electricity supply !
49 Now if you 're a majority party you can instruct officers to come up with a specially paid reduction pol you pay for the policy , so you can then structure the system or look at the service and come up with a reduction , come up with an expansion
50 Compare the the text at the beginning with hers , the the the Middle English text with hers , and tell me , is there anything which she has caught well , or anything which she has missed out , or look at the first sentence , is she right there ?
51 All the nuclei in the body process at a , or rotate at a particular speed , according to whatever size magnetic field you put them in , and then you apply a radio frequency field to the body at the , at just that frequency , and if you tune things correctly , there is absorption of energy , and you can detect that .
52 Furthermore , children may be born with , or acquire at a relatively early stage , processing biases which will constrain the forms of adult input to which they will be most sensitive .
53 Well , they had hardly brought her up a tea-tray ( with the most delicious things to eat ) when she was told that there was someone downstairs to see her : it turned out that most of the young men , her one-time tutors , were dons now or curators or secretaries to cabinet ministers and apparently asking for nothing better than to take her about , and there were Anna 's English friends , all those people who had dined or wintered at the palazzo .
54 All the way across not one stone moved or even trembled as she jumped on to it or swayed on top of it or clutched at the sides of it !
55 Or to jeer at the discredited Baltic Communists who rode in behind the thugs , proclaimed themselves in charge in Lithuania and Latvia and then scuttled for cover .
56 Most private sector employers advertise locally and in the nursing press , although some may run recruitment drives of their own , or exhibit at a job fair .
57 Here we encounter a mystery that is common to all aspects of any discussion of energy or matter at the quantum level .
58 I have enjoyed reading ZZAP ! since early 1987 ( issue 25 ) and have seen many Editors come and go ( I do n't know whether I 'm coming or going at the moment — Ed ) .
59 Aye that was Well that that was on the platform when I got me face burnt and me left hand , which I think was burnt trying to protect me me head or face at the time .
60 In 1891 the tenor bell was recast by the bell founders Mears & Stainbank at a cost of £30 , being shipped to London by barge and returned the same way .
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