Example sentences of "[pron] [modal v] [adv] [noun] " in BNC.

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31 I would rather musicians took the latter course — and so , I bet , would you .
32 I would rather Germany played the proper Scottish team but I want to keep a sense of proportion .
33 I shall sweetly rejoinder .
34 And Frances has also collected a petition of sixty four children at her school which I will also hand over to the county secretary .
35 I will probably post to the list once a week to let the non-fantasy types know how it is going .
36 Yes , so that I can just sort of say , you know , we did invite and , that might help
37 Yes , erm Arthur as I have mentioned earlier was erm the fourth in command as it were and erm if I can just sort of go down the erm the pecking order , mm , Leslie was the Chief Education Officer .
38 I can hardly stagger home .
39 Normally I 'd be reaching for ‘ annihilate ’ button when faced with such an ‘ aware ’ and ‘ right-on ’ selection of topics but Leatherface succeed where so many others have failed by virtue of the tuneful tempestuousness of their music , an assault with melody , muscle and sheer conviction which is irresistible , and the fact that Frankie Stubbs never sounds like a po-faced preacher — unlike a certain other native of the North-East whose name I can hardly type without sending my blood-pressure into the red .
40 So I said well you know , I ca n't just wind it up over the next six months , I said er what I wan na do I said is erm I got ta carry it on for that transit for that Orion till I finished anyway so it 's got ta go another year so I said well what I 'm feeling about doing I said is er just sort of keeping a finger in the pie I said , he said , if I 'd said tomorrow , if I had finished the whole the tomorrow I 've got ta buy a car I can buy it finance so I 'm gon na get no tax relief on the H P I get no depreciation no nothing like that I said so at least if I still self employed I can if I have the sort of two or three vehicles or whatever three , four , five vehicles but I said at least I can have some erm and I can then sort of they would be more utilised , where as I said at the moment we got more vehicles than we really need to keep full capacity so he said yeah , yeah fair enough then .
41 I walk as quick as I can so Mr Jackson wo n't find me .
42 Cos I can always sort of
43 I 'm short of something somewhere fifteen two , fifteen four , pair of six that 's all I can there Joy .
44 In the hills above the ruins of Capernaum near the Mount of Beatitudes we stopped at a natural grassy amphitheatre which could easily seat 10,000 .
45 BERNHARD Langer stands between Ulster 's David Feherty and the victory which could spectacularly catapult him into the Ryder Cup .
46 BERNHARD Langer stands between Ulster 's David Feherty and the victory which could spectacularly catapult him into the Ryder Cup .
47 All the other main opposition parties except the conservative Popular Christian Party ( PPC ) boycotted the elections , arguing that the CCD would be an insubstantial body which would merely rubber-stamp presidential decisions .
48 But the fact is no lender can ever be absolutely sure that a guarantor is not being subject to pressure from the principal debtor , and to require him to do more than properly and fairly point out to the guarantor the desirability of obtaining independent advice , and to require the documents to be executed in the presence of a solicitor , is to put upon commercial lenders a burden which would severely handicap the carrying out of what is , after all , an extremely common transaction of everyday occurrence for banks and other commercial lenders .
49 Litter is left on the slope , much of which is plastic which will never breakdown , but will blow around the mountainside for many years .
50 You may just sort of er form a picture in your mind just sit there and lip read sort of concentrate .
51 If you 're on a sailing or windsurf holiday you may still book without a supplement if you 're willing to share with someone on the same holiday .
52 You should always route system shutdown through LIFESPAN_SHUTDOWN ( unless it is an emergency crash ) .
53 You might even fracture your orbital plates — those are thin layers of bone above your eyes .
54 When you ca n't do something you know , you might actually kind of , your whole body kind of starts to , and that would be the ego as it were trying to express this , this er drive from the id .
55 You 'll again Laura .
56 I bet she 'll probably side with you .
57 I 've got to solve it or she 'll just re-route me to some tedious filing-clerk 's job !
58 ‘ If yer do n't git in line fast enough ivery time yer 'll never git a ‘ undred , ’ was the Old Stager 's greeting in praise of the innings .
59 and the other one was erm a mother of two and she said that even when she was younger she was always overweight and she could never sort of go out with anybody nice and she just settled for anybody sort of thing , I felt sorry for her husband , mind you saying this like , cos he looked a bit thick and er
60 Since it was Dane 's name on the hoardings which had sold out the theatre on opening night and for several weeks to come , Josh 's kindness brought a painful lump to her throat , and she could only gaze at him in mute gratitude .
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