Example sentences of "[pron] [verb] [pron] the " in BNC.

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31 Er , now , I asked you the table set have n't I ?
32 If those , all of those contract temps are regarded as full time people it looks like full time people are working overtime , which is why I asked you the question yesterday erm what 's the overtime bill for quotes alone .
33 In that last summer before he died I read him the whole of Proust …
34 I made myself the timetable you know .
35 God knows why — I made him the same way I made the rest of you — but there it is .
36 After drawing a blank on Rhodes , I had to write something that justified my travelling expenses , so I made you the villain of the piece .
37 I repeat what the hon. Member for Antrim , South ( Mr. Forsythe ) said about patients ' private needs payments .
38 Well I mean it 's gone much beyond that I mean they the reality of the situation is er is not like that I 'm afraid I mean it Eighteen men have been sacked and and these are men that have put those quarries where they are .
39 Er so I mean that c because er I mean they the steel balls and steel rollers go into the bin I mean they ca n't be used for anything .
40 Erm but did n't the peasant culture already have erm sort of elements of collectivization alread I mean which the Communist Party could
41 I mean what the Bible calls ‘ the fellowshipping of yourselves together ’ .
42 well perhaps , but women get very angry as well , but nothing seems to change , I mean what the heck do you do about it when some estimable er gentleman and it almost invariably must be a gentleman since their by far the huge proportion of er presiding judge 's and magistrate 's comes out with that kind of comment about er a woman 's victim reputation or behaviour as he sees it , I mean what is , what is the answer there ?
43 I mean what the strange thing is that I was reading about
44 I mean what the fuck are you gon na do with the tickets ?
45 But I mean what the pay relative to us the cost of living and everything else , I do n't know .
46 Yeah , I mean I The important thing is I think the children do recognize the differences , not that they do n't notice the differences , because they 're Like you say they 're capable of using the other if it if it suits them .
47 The famous sequence when the helicopters gather in the sky before the great attack has music with it — very familiar music ! — but , do you know , I was so gripped by the power of Coppola 's image , the helicopters , the music , that it was n't until many , many hours afterwards that I realized what the music was he had been using .
48 I was just silently congratulating myself on tumbling her secret at last when I realized who the man in the photograph was .
49 If we take sentences without contexts and devise interpretations for them on the basis of the mutual compatibility or otherwise of the type-meaning of the words in them , we are putting ourselves under constraints which have nothing to do with syntax ; by thus restricting and deforming our appreciations of the structure we prevent ourselves seeing what the effect of the syntax , qua syntax , is .
50 I goes what the hell 's it look like , I 'm going to sleep !
51 and I 'm seeing the surgeon today and erm and I met somebody the other day who 'd had it done and his fingers were n't affected , you know , so I mean it 's just the luck of the draw I think .
52 ‘ I 've known Francisco for years — I met him the first year I came here , when Monte Samana was brand new . ’
53 " Yes , I met someone the other night who made a sort of suggestion about a possible job of some kind . "
54 I sold him the car did n't I ?
55 ‘ And I sold them the best .
56 So I mean in the shop I , I did sell for the National Trust once but I s I sold them the .
57 I passed her the tissues as I always do .
58 After a few minutes , he got out and wandered over : ‘ Here , son , give me a shot at that , ’ he said , and I passed him the rod .
59 DAYFLOWER a strong finishing fifth in the Newmarket 1000 gns , may find conditions more to her liking at the Curragh tomorrow and I make her the selection for the Irish ‘ 1000 ’ .
60 I make it the
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