Example sentences of "[verb] [prep] [be] [adj] " in BNC.

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31 The jury in the Mona Bauwens libel case have been discharged after being unable to reach a majority verdict .
32 THIS five-year-old mare will go hurdling after being unbeaten in two bumpers last season .
33 NEIL RUDDOCK leads out Spurs at champions Leeds tonight and will not be fined after being sent-off against Crystal Palace on Saturday .
34 To admit to being innocent of guile somehow smacked of being undesirable , immature , but far better that than be thought an actress .
35 He 's good , but looks like being temperamental .
36 The main local interest looks like being New Marske-based Tom Farrell 's open racer In The Secret , which clocked a useful 36.98 secs winning a three-dog 580 metres trial by 6 7 lengths at Sunderland , finishing very strongly .
37 Oh well it looks like being frosty Friday does n't it ?
38 The main threat to the southern raider looks like being Irish import Black Parachute .
39 Another Williams-bred youngster , Pond Curlew , which receives start of eight metres , looks like being favourite for the Easter Handicap after clocking the fastest time of 27.44 , though he takes on Florida Bill , unbeaten in three rounds of the competition , also off eight metres , tonight .
40 Star pup The danger looks like being Middlesbrough-based I 'm Sloppy , which was third in the 631 open .
41 Calvert 's Ruffside Rock , which has also impressed at Sunderland , has been drawn in trap one for the March Puppy Stakes , over 460 metres , and the danger looks like being Shawfield-based wind runner Cocoa Powder , out of trap four .
42 Since , as has throughout been common ground , the defendants were not at liberty to divulge to others information acquired as agents for Mr. Brant , the defendants could not tell the plaintiff the true position without breaching their duty to Mr. Brant .
43 It has throughout been common ground that the benefit in this case to each taxpayer is that ‘ his son is allowed to participate in all the facilities afforded by the school to boys who are educated there . ’
44 If , moreover , at this early date , sizeable Nazarean enclaves existed as far distant as Syria , one can not ignore the possibility that they had come into being prior to Jesus 's death and were already established at the time of the Crucifixion .
45 It would recognise , too , that industrial democracy can not be conjured into being overnight , no more than was political democracy , no more than was the joint stock company as the common expression of industrial capitalism .
47 Clearly impressed with is new-found walking advertisement , he finds Madonna ‘ very easy to get along with .
48 I had chosen to join the 10th Battalion of the Parachute Regiment , and the preliminary training evenings were geared towards physical exercise , getting us ready for ‘ P Company ’ , the tests which every aspiring paratrooper , territorial or regular , had to pass before being able to wear his coveted maroon beret .
49 at the moment the only source it 's come from is directed projects .
50 Much of the expertise of a museum curator or an archaeologist lies in being able to offer a reasonably accurate identification of an object just on the basis of looking at it and handling it .
51 ‘ It 's a load of bullshit ! ’ the culprit shouted before being strong-armed out of the door .
52 There is no theoretical reason to suppose that a transition from labour market income to state benefit income induces the onset of dependency : indeed , logically the reverse should happen , as individuals shift from being dependent on finding employment in the labour market , to being in receipt of an independent income guaranteed by the taxable capacity of the state .
53 She rejoiced in being free from the place , but she talked of it with comprehension and critical affection .
54 Visual communication has been categorised in various ways but none of them has succeeded in being comprehensive .
55 Girls were encouraged to ask for help , play with dolls , take an interest in clothes and dressing up and stay close to parents and discouraged from being noisy and playing rough games .
56 Given the conception we have , are mental events as we have conceived them excluded from being physical ?
57 New US legislation , attempting to avert another such environmental catastrophe , has introduced a requirement for tankers operating in US waters to be double-skinned in future .
58 She had always hankered to be tall and fair , like Riborg .
59 " I did promise to be ready for nine thirty but those blasted animals just wo n't cooperate . "
60 The Insured considered the safety of the property and took precautions even though they transpired to be inadequate .
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