Example sentences of "[verb] [pron] [verb] [pers pn] " in BNC.

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1 but used to say I hate them , I hate them coming you know ?
2 He had not heard them pass him ; he had been too intent on watching the singer .
3 Oh yes , I 've never ever heard them speak you know , to him as though he 's a baby .
4 ‘ I have n't heard them mention it , ’ said Dagmar in a level voice .
5 Had they bothered to look in on that Standing Committee , they would have heard me make it clear that the Government will be working in co-operation with our European Community colleagues to find a way of reducing carbon dioxide emissions effectively .
6 Oh … that reminds me … when you came round , you mumbled something about having heard me calling you .
7 You must have heard me say them .
8 And , that again , might be me but many of you when you 've heard me say it in a service I 've ended up with my asking at the end of a sermon asking the congregation to smile .
9 Why have you heard me say it before today Seems strange that they need to throw out those old curb stones , you 'd of imagined they could of used them again , would n't you ?
10 A couple of months later he did come to the Hammersmith Odeon with Bernie and me to see them play I could seethe relief on his face when he realised they really were a band .
11 ‘ I 'd like to see them try it ! ’
12 ‘ This one wanted to do my work , but when he started telling me that personally he was against all pet shops and would like to see them closed we did n't exactly see eye to eye .
13 And it 's , and we also need to see them mend it properly .
14 It entertained me watching you try .
15 ‘ She virtually kidnapped me to bring me here , ’ he said .
16 The prospect of seeing them made him full of joy .
17 ‘ I ca n't bear seeing them throwing it away , that 's all .
18 Seeing them live it 's hard to understand why this situation has come about because , while they fail to break new ground , their quasi-psychedelic pop is pleasantly uplifting and danceable .
19 Seeing me sends him back again .
20 she would , she was seeing me do it and I respect what she says and I do what I 'm told no she did n't say that
21 You 'll have to kill me to stop me going out there .
22 They say its legally theirs , but the woman who tried to kill them claims she 's the owner .
23 Anyway , as I was saying before Adam interrupted me see I fancy Adam , he 's really nice .
24 Do you want me to hold them up for you ?
25 Do you want me to hold it while you shoot back in cos we ca n't .
26 Do you want me to push it round ?
27 ‘ Do you want me to pick you up from the airport ? ’
28 Do you want me to pick you up ? ’
29 ‘ Do you want me to see them ? ’
30 Why does n't he want me to see you ? ’
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