Example sentences of "[noun] that give [pers pn] " in BNC.

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31 Shiona watched it , reflecting that the reason for her sensitivity was that her private life was the only area of her existence that gave her absolutely no satisfaction at all .
32 That 's the part that gives you sustain and that 's the part that you do n't want to depress to the point that it touches the fret , because otherwise the fretted strings do n't have the clearance to run underneath the slide without touching it .
33 Hidden away , pushed to the darker recesses of her mind , it was a tangible presence that gave her a degree of comfort in the terrible loneliness of her marriage .
34 Some of the smokers were aware of his campaign against passive smoking — the kind that gave him cancer in smoke-tarred clubs .
35 This area is the Coulin Forest , bounded by roads that give it detachment from other high ground , its mountains forming a compact group but individually having distinction of character and outline , some being of arresting appearance .
36 ‘ Second , once sterling left the ERM , and with inflation sharply down , we were right to take the opportunity that gave us to relax policy and get interest rates down .
37 now put those slippers on , that , if you get your feet cold that gives you put those slippers on
38 ‘ Well … it was her feet that gave her away . ’
39 A dimension that gives you a more effective heating system that 's cheaper to run — Total Heating with Central Control .
40 Although there are several aspects of the proposal that give us cause for concern , we have concluded that , on balance , there are insufficient planning grounds on which to justify opposing the development .
41 A basic skill that gives them the greatest start in life .
42 ‘ What is it about work that gives you the most pleasure ? ’
43 Edward , thinking with relief that he could leave them to it now , began to withdraw , clutching the bottles that gave him a certain exemption , free to come and go .
44 Now , so , the name of the actual Act of Parliament is Sale of Goods Act er and that 's the law that gives you and me and everybody in Britain our basic rights every time we buy something from a shop or in a sale or a market stall or by post through a mail order catalogue .
45 The residents complain to the city council that gave them the land — and discover that it has now designated the area as a garbage dump .
46 This would run counter to the very informal information exchange that gives it meaning in this internal context .
47 At the first sign of the emotional see-saw that life so often presents , you go scurrying off for the goodies that give you comfort .
48 And they were the sort of corsets that gave you the the straight boyish look that was necessary for the clothes of the twenties and the early thirties which were cut on the cross .
49 The ‘ base communities ’ of Latin America know more than we do about hunger and sickness , but it is study of the Bible that gives them understanding and courage to demand justice in the name of the God of justice .
50 Denis Smith says hopefully to get three points and play good football … there 's not much they can do in two days but his team talk will be tell the players to go out enjoy it and pass the ball … by a strange twist of fate Smith 's first match at the Manor is against the team that gave him the sack last season Bristol City
51 The result is a database on which you can search for a favourite author or publisher , or search for packages that give you the required level of coverage of particular elements ( or units ) of competence .
52 There was no one in the office , the entire sales team having discovered important appointments that gave them excuses to sneak off home and start the weekend early .
53 At this sort of pace we will start to lose the landmarks that give us our bearings .
54 But World War I gave him the chance to stand on internationalist ground with an uncompromising fervour and personal courage that gave him a status denied to most of the others , whose work lay in the factories and in the shop stewards ' movement .
55 Because choosing both the right type or investment and the particular institution with which you are likely to feel happiest is such an important decision , even after you have chosen a scheme you will have a 14-day cooling off period that gives you a chance to change your mind .
56 The leaves of this tree are rather common fossils , striped with longitudinal veins that give it a superficial resemblance to the leaf of an iris .
57 A fully secularized society was a contradiction in terms , for there could be no society that would not feel the need to uphold the collective sentiments that gave it its unity and individuality .
58 All Connor did was to add a preservative to this enzyme that gave it a few months ' shelf life .
59 It 's a black celebration , a grimy , twisted tribute to an era that gave us The Black Panthers , Jeremy Thorpe and Paper Lace .
60 But the electron carries a high energy transverse to the direction of the collision , and thus bears the signature of the W particle that gave it birth .
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