Example sentences of "[noun] that [verb] [pers pn] " in BNC.

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31 The muddled thinking that makes us claim at least some vague idea of what God is leads us disastrously to thinking that if we say God can not be one kind of thing we must be saying he is the other .
32 The sayings of country people , sometimes tinged with poetry , always rich in concrete images and braced with the vigour and rhythm that gives them long life , are worth revealing .
33 Forced to listen to all those hoary chestnuts that cast me and my kind as the bad guys , and the butt of all the jokes .
34 Christ be in all my thinking about me , Christ be in all , Christ be the with eyes that see me , with ears that hear me , Christ ever be .
35 It is important to have some clear basic understanding of the nature of bereavement and the grief that follows it .
36 Our limited ambition can , therefore , only be to sustain a reasonable quality of life for ourselves and for those animals that serve us .
37 Similarly , although they show remarkable powers of regeneration in the aquarium , there is a better chance of success if the animal is undamaged when purchased , so it 's wise to look for cuts and splits of any kind , and reject animals that show them .
38 The species of plants and animals that inhabit them today have adapted , where adaptation was needed , only during the current ice age .
39 Because fruit is not very nutritious in proportion to its bulk , animals that eat it must consume a lot .
40 This is an adaptation to survive predation from the many animals that hunt them — not least man for the cooking pot !
41 To the animals that do it , there is nothing particularly special about using tools : it is a piece of behaviour much like any other that the animal performs .
42 It was not Manvell 's displeasure that worried him , but Jane 's anger .
43 He despises the human race and the combinations that make it tick ; the human race in its present state , he 'd qualify — he 'd like to send us all back to nursery school — so he has to behave as unlike his fellow beings as he can . ’
44 It is difficult to resist the conclusion — which Foucault actually denies — that the techniques of discipline and surveillance , of individuation , and the strategies of power-knowledge that subject us , leave us always trapped .
45 He felt subtly in touch with higher forces , as though he had become the Tarot card that represented him .
46 Okay if I can just erm give you my business card that tells you who I am
47 Richard Armstrong has left to become Curator of Contemporary Art at the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh , and Richard Marshall has cut a deal that allows him to remain only until he finds another job .
48 So we were better being turned down until we found a deal that suited us better . ’
49 To illustrate this , let us imagine Heinrich Hertz , in 1888 , performing the electrical experiment that enabled him to produce and detect radio waves for the first time .
50 Great houses did not of course cease to be built ; on the contrary , almost as many were erected in the nineteenth century as a whole as in the three centuries that preceded it put together .
51 All of the walking species had the widely-splayed legs that gave them a slow and lumbering gait , but , in the absence of more streamlined animals , they prospered .
52 She ran , fleeing the demons that pursued her , dragging in great gasps of cold air as if they were her last .
53 Unfortunately , the SPD , like Labour , has been nervous in calling for a complete recasting of public financing and altering both tax and expenditure profiles to fit with a post-cold war world while attempting to relate to an electorate that believes it is paying too many direct and indirect taxes as well as ever-rising social security and health insurance payments .
54 Their ephemeral character is the essence of the ‘ un-permanence ’ of the partnership that bore them .
55 He concentrated on drawing cartoons and in 1932 had his first acceptance from Punch , the beginning of a partnership that established him as a major comic artist and one of the most original talents in the long history of the magazine .
56 By the time they are mature , hedgehogs can have several thousand of the modified hairs that give them their prickly appearance and an ideal form of defence against attackers .
57 The future was like the blackness that surrounded her , in which there were n't even shadows .
58 The driving force that keeps you on the road best .
59 Then everything was movement , sensation , and she could no longer laugh or speak or do anything but be carried along by a force greater than anything she had ever known before , a force that took them to the heavens to touch the stars that had already decided their destiny .
60 His anger reached out with a deadly force that made her flinch back from him .
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