Example sentences of "[noun] because of [noun pl] " in BNC.

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31 Sparta Prague have been banned by UEFA from playing their next European Cup match at home because of attacks on Turkish fans during a game against Fenerbahce .
32 Disease diagnosis may vary both within and between communities because of differences in health care systems and structures .
33 Their 1987 balance sheets took a hit because of defaults , but have bounced back nicely in 1988 .
34 The paper , a frequent subject of censorship , had been printed in Nigeria in July because of difficulties with government printers .
35 Bush had still to convince the US Congress , however , to release the US$94,000,000 in economic and military aid which it had frozen in July because of doubts about the government 's commitment to an anti-drug programme and because of persistent reports of gross human rights abuses by the military .
36 Firms too keep precautionary balances because of uncertainties about the timing of their receipts and payments .
37 Environmentalists are demanding that plans for Europe 's largest housing development are put on ice because of fears that nearby power lines could be a health hazard .
38 On Jan. 24 it was reported that Prunskiene was living in Switzerland , having fled Lithuania because of fears for her safety .
39 The 1996 Olympic slalom in Atlanta is open to some question because of disputes within the USA about funding .
40 Gray 's plans have been thrown into disarray because of injuries .
41 Whilst it is true that , in the main , the replacement of fixed capital is usually accompanied by an increased production capacity because of advances in technology , we do not have to take this into account when dealing with the basic theory of the cycle .
42 For the first 10 years of the Government , the cry that used to come from the Dispatch Box was that the economy was in a mess because of strikes by workers .
43 The students will be taking a 22-man squad to Gibson Park to face Malone although skipper David Humphreys will be an absentee because of holidays .
44 It is not always easy to directly compare the interest rates between different lenders because of differences in the way the charges are calculated — a good guide is the APR rather than the basic rate — and always bear in mind the possible arrangement or setting up fees !
45 The crash happened on the A-Forty at Wheatley between Oxford and Thame where a contra-flow system is in place because of roadworks .
46 We finished up with only one point because of events outside of my control . ’
47 On May 30 after government discussions on the fuel industry , it was announced that prices for energy would not be raised to world prices as sought by the IMF because of fears of rising social tension .
48 There are also a number of cases where the Commission has held that the banning of meetings and procession for a restricted period because of fears for public safety , such bans being under the democratic laws of a State , were not in contravention of the Convention .
49 In practice , the student will necessarily miss some continuity because of days off and night duty .
50 Last summer , he and fellow Teesside Polytechnic student Paul Kuiken , 19 , were prevented by police from becoming the first to canoe over the 72-ft High Force waterfall in Teesdale because of fears they would be killed .
51 LOYALIST prisoners have been banned from wearing Remembrance Day poppies inside a top-security jail because of fears it could provoke republican violence , the Northern Ireland High Court heard today .
52 For the previous few years the soap factory had been losing business because of imports of synthetic detergents , mainly through Lever Bros , the local branch of Unilever .
53 Tory MPs protested the measures may be held up for two years because of delays on the Bill to ratify the Maastricht Treaty .
54 Radioactive waste will pile up at nuclear power stations , defence establishments and the Sellafield reprocessing plant for another twenty years because of delays in building an underground repository , according to the Radioactive Waste Management Advisory Committee , which advises the Department of the Environment .
55 It had long been a controversial issue and its approval had been delayed for years because of worries about the environmental consequences and the cost of the project .
56 PILGRIMS to Walsingham are being asked by clergy to reduce the amount of Holy water they take from the Anglican shrine because of fears that the well will dry up .
57 Whilst this may be a mixed blessing because of pupils switching between schools , and different types of schools created by the greater choice .
58 ‘ Graeme Souness is the man to turn it around but he 's not been able to pick a settled team because of injuries . ’
59 However , the Associated Press news agency reported on Feb. 8 that the package could be held up in the European Parliament , due to opposition from the socialist group because of concerns about Syria 's human rights record .
60 Initially , church members were viewed by many with suspicion because of breakdowns in relationships ( rows over brownies and guides , etc. ) in the past .
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