Example sentences of "[modal v] [prep] be [adj] " in BNC.

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31 In the past , when we knew less than we do now , our advice used to be extra cautious .
32 I said that I used to be partial to them when I smoked .
33 Although at sixty he was becoming a little stooped , and his hair and beard that used to be jet-black were turning to silver , the force of his personality was undeniable .
34 In areas where other treponematoses used to be endemic , as was yaws in the West Indies , the eradication of the non-venereal treponemal disease has been followed by an upsurge in the incidence of syphilis , perhaps because there is an ecological niche to be filled .
35 This disease occurs in tropical climes and used to be endemic in parts of Africa , South America , the Indian sub-continent , Indonesia , Australia , and the West Indies .
36 1 used to be sad .
37 ‘ I used to be sad and pathetic , but I 'm not so miserable any more .
38 They used to be bloody thirty odd quid , forty odd quid .
39 ‘ It used to be salted char that was popular — I 'm told that Henry VIII ordered it in barrelfuls — and then there were char pies — some of them three or four stone in weight : now they seem to want it potted in little jars .
40 they used to be cheap , there was a lot of one pound seventy , they 're only a little slab , drive me boring doing the little ones , so you might as well get two of the big ones once you 've done
41 And er well you go further through and you can go to the erm And the the Narrowmarsh it was narrow and all , you could shake hands with one another o off the but it now is all council houses is built down there now where they only used to be ordinary little houses .
42 It 's not long ago , Aunt Tossie thought ( or said to Gigi — who was still eking out her parrot 's longevity ) that we used to be rich , dear bird .
43 Well though some of it was coming from Argentine , that used to be boneless Argentine beef .
44 You used to be more fastidious , used to be above servants — ‘ We must not exploit them , ’ you told Hector once — how we laughed over that ! ’
45 Arbitration clauses in employment contracts used to be rare .
46 Also sending-offs used to be rare .
47 Pauline used to be keen on that sort of thing , but she 's gone off it since we gave up Italy as a holiday venue .
48 First of all I 'm surprised at the outburst that was given to us by Mr I would regard as my er yahabeebee and sadiki if you wish er , but he mentioned in fact the er , what used to be barbaric ac , barbaric er practice in er Pakistan .
49 Oh look it 's all when The Who used to smash their rec , all their , I mean that used to be disgusting .
50 The place used to be lousy with them .
51 Eleven o'clock , there were n't restrictions then on , they could keep open as long as they liked , no restrictions on , on time , and er as I say their own place you know it really it was picturesque , I thought in since erm I contacted you I 've been thinking how , what I could help with and er what I could still think about , and er it was really a sight because to walk and it always used to be crowded , well it was one of the best markets round here and er people used to go off and from Bloxwich and er although there 's a good market at Walsall there was n't a Bloxwich market then sadly for years and years , but erm and then if you went to Wolverhampton you got to walk through Windsfield you got to er walk everywhere you went then and except on a Saturday night when the wagonettes used to run on a Saturday but it was amazing to see the girl behind the range now controlling
52 The demonstration was organized to coincide with what used to be Armed Forces Day .
53 Audio-visual materials , cassettes and videotapes , and access to computer based learning will simplify a lot of what used to be dull and repetitive work .
54 Her eyes , which used to be dull and filmy , have got some of their sparkle back .
55 I used to be aloof because I did n't want people becoming too familiar .
56 It used to be occasional or more perhaps , sometimes show time different shows and that .
57 Diesel economics used to be easy to calculate .
58 Recession budgets used to be easy to predict .
59 Making a list of the most powerful people in the country used to be easy .
60 She never used to be tired .
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