Example sentences of "[adv] go far " in BNC.

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31 Mrs Hirst , who is the chairman of a local disabled charity group , believed these steps were important , but she thought they did not go far enough .
32 LUSTY lovers have one complaint about video sex guides — they do not go far enough .
33 From the point of view of the development of political sociology in relation to the politics of gender however , the radical critique of behaviourism — much of it influenced by a Marxist perspective — did not go far enough .
34 When intellectual influences of this sort have to be considered by the general historian , he can not go far for himself .
35 Sociologists influenced by a more Marxist approach accept the importance of this work , but maintain that it does not go far enough .
36 However Candle believes its current incarnation — Data Facility/System-Managed Storage — does not go far enough : gathering statistics from the Gartner Group , International Data Corp and Xephon Plc , Candle suggests that mainframe disk requirements are growing at 28% per year , while at the same time only around 50% to 75% of the space is actually used .
37 The privatisations also help , even if they do not go far enough .
38 Proponents of this approach tend to feel that the changes made so far do not go far enough , however , and that excessive consideration for the biological parent-child relationship is still being allowed to put the child 's future at risk .
39 Conservatives worried about the budget deficit implications of the proposed cut while the many liberals in congress were convinced that the cut did not go far enough .
40 These measures were welcomed , but many felt they did not go far enough .
41 The CDU would not let economic planning be taken as far as the SPD favoured , farmers protested against cuts in agricultural subsidies and defence cuts could not go far because of fears of weakening NATO .
42 But , they do not go far enough .
43 If the terms of reference you have in mind are not precise , or if they are not explicitly stated , you may not go far enough in your investigations or you may stray outside the limits that your boss or client has in mind .
44 Their cheer did not go far in the brittle morning air but it pleased her .
45 A quite contrary type of criticism of the Devolution Bill came from those who felt it did not go far enough : the existing degree of administrative devolution in Scotland required a genuine , federal assembly even with taxing powers .
46 In these circumstances our concerns are not that community care changes are a step too far , but that they will not go far enough to produce radical change .
47 Kohlberg 's theory is similar to Piaget 's , he said that Piaget did not go far enough .
48 One or two turns would probably suffice and anyway the money would not go far at this year 's prices .
49 If you are new to comms you can not go far wrong with
50 However , it does not go far enough .
51 New clause 33 does not go far enough .
52 The vote against was that of Boris Yeltsin , the central committee 's leading radical , who had argued during the debate that the reforms did not go far enough .
53 On Jan. 31 , 1990 , the Financial Times reported West German officials as saying that the recent trade liberalization moves by the USA did not go far enough .
54 A PDS statement said that Amato 's draft programme did not go far enough towards creating a " government of innovation " and did not give sufficient weight to the elimination of corrupt practices .
55 The package also angered many Hong Kong liberals who argued that the reforms did not go far enough .
56 It concluded that : ‘ Existing procedures do not go far enough .
57 At its July meeting the Council heard some members complain that the proposals did not go far enough and would not lead to greater freedoms for institutions , and heard others wonder if the long-term aim was in fact ‘ complete autonomy ’ .
58 The number of responses opposed to the proposals on the grounds that they did not go far enough towards independence was very small — only a few academic boards of institutions had expressed that view .
59 15 of them , together with Austria , issued a formal objection to the conference 's final statement , claiming that it did not go far enough in setting goals for limiting global warming , or in guaranteeing aid to developing countries .
60 Friends of the Earth , which has been campaigning for a clean-up programme , welcomed the announcement but said it did not go far enough .
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