Example sentences of "over the years [pers pn] have [vb pp] " in BNC.

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1 Of course , over the years we 've campaigned , as I was telling someone only yesterday in another club that I go to at the church , that I said you know we , the Co-op Womens ' Guild , were helping to put water into Africa before any of this Band-aid and Live-aid was thought about .
2 And er over the years we 've built up a reputation I know is is a genuine one say that because I know that you 're going to appreciate this course and I use the term very very particularly you will enjoy it .
3 Over the years we 've enjoyed annual family holidays without feeling the pinch and we 've built up good relationships with our neighbours and the surrounding community .
4 yeah and it 's a public relations exercise , and we 've been lumbered with it you know over the years we 've tried to push crime prevention and people come in and they do take notes of various things you know there 's obviously some people who come in and talk about crime prevention which we can answer fully , there are other enquiries about everything from bloody
5 Few things are more poignant than a holiday romance , and we 're very happy to say that over the years we 've brought more than a few couples together who are now living happily every after .
6 The best of british waterski-ing is on show this weekend at Kirtons Farm just off the M4 … over the years we 've produced 5 world records … 6 world champions … 8 european records … 55 european champions and 21 team golds … some success story which should continue in the masters competition which takes off tomorrow and reaches the finals on sunday afternoon …
7 Over the years we had become so attached to Renishaw Road that our new , smaller house in Thorne Road seemed cold and indifferent to our worries .
8 We 've tried all sorts of things erm and we 've erm sort of erm included erm Lesley 's Elmore Support Team has come and talked to him and tried to support him as well , so over the years we have done all sorts of things to try and support him , as I have to try and support all sorts of people .
9 ‘ the excellent OUP series Resource Books for Teachers … over the years we have learned that anything with the Maley name attached is worthy of serious consideration .
10 Over the years we have proved to be an effective and efficient council and I believe you have all contributed greatly to making Lothian such a progressive authority .
11 If they are ill they get good doctors , if there is a divorce … over the years we have worked and experimented to discover new things and remember old ones .
12 We have always been interviewed simultaneously , which can be advantageous : over the years we have worked out quite a double act .
13 Over the years they had become friends of the family and had been granted privileges — one of which was limited entry to the Domain .
14 Over the years they had attended the same victuallers ' functions , and on every occasion Harcourt had kept very much to his own table .
15 Over the years they had worked well and closely together until the political situation in Russia underwent the first dramatic changes .
16 No they they 've over the years they 've got some very fucking good write ups .
17 Well , not really but they have been disillusioned over the years they 've promised so much and then they 've never seemed seemed to get anywhere but I think , I honestly think they would , people would get behind them , if they could see they were going somewhere I mean like this season they seem to have fallen away yet again .
18 Movies are a medium of communication , and over the years they have developed their own language of expression .
19 Over the years they have carved out a powerful position within the town 's antique trade .
20 I do n't think the theatre 's ever been endowed with a great deal of fundings but one or two companies in the town that have been prepared to fund obviously the one that strikes me is Gilbey 's cos the Gilbey bar I mean that was funded and like they 've been over the years they have given money even fact as a sad note cos Gilbey 's have actually demised now erm General Portfolio have actually taken on the role in Harlow of funding many things if you actually look all most things that have sponsored until recently have been sponsored by General Portfolio so they 've been to the fore in er fundering funding .
21 The property was bought by the Blandy family in 1884 , and over the years they have farmed the estate and improved the gardens .
22 Apart from their resident populations , over the years they have served as a ‘ dumping ground ’ for people forcibly removed by the South African government from ‘ white ’ areas .
23 Over the years they have come to dominate their geographic market .
24 He flattered himself that he was in some small part responsible for such blissful bizarrities , given that over the years he 'd brought all manner of influences through from the Succulent Rock .
25 Over the years he had become as used to the rocking and swaying of a train as an experienced sailor is to the pitching and rolling of a ship .
26 Physical fear was somewhere in his emotional vocabulary but over the years he had mislaid its meaning .
27 Over the years he had forged links with the Foreign and Home Offices , the crucial departments of Military Intelligence and the Government 's secret services .
28 Over the years he had worked hard into the night , had attended every lecture and tutorial , had scarcely taken time to attend student functions such as debates , except that these gave him fresh ideas ; he never spoke at them .
29 Over the years he had acquired real skill in his hobby , and had exhibited some of his studies of Scottish scenery and wildlife ; his real passion was bird photography , and through the years he had amassed a remarkable collection of pictures .
30 Over the years he has appeared in The Stone Boy , The Outsiders , Rumblefish , The Cotton Club , Paradise Alley and , most memorably , as the down-and-out DJ in Jim Jarmusch 's Down By Law and the jinked hobo in Hector Babenco 's Ironweed .
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