Example sentences of "more than just a [adj] [noun sg] " in BNC.

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31 Ivanisevic , touted as having an all-court , grass game , likes to remind people that he is more than just a big server .
32 It was getting to be more than just a bad habit ; it was beginning to become an established part of his personality .
33 May we try by our own example to show that a world of peace and compassion can be more than just a hopeful dream .
34 But Voyager is more than just a pretty face ; one would expect no less from Volker Schlondorff .
35 With his new film , Johnny Suede , he 's out to prove he 's more than just a pretty face
36 PLAYBOY beauty Pamela Anderson is more than just a pretty face — she 's got real sax appeal .
37 But the countryside is more than just a pretty picture .
38 And glory in the 1,000 Guineas may well be a lot more than just a warming winter thought because Dead Certain beat as competitive a field as there has been for a juvenile filly 's race for many years .
39 The Martian encampment they find may be deserted but the lichen-like vegetation , triggered into accelerated growth by a light drizzle of rain , proves more than just a minor hazard for the astronauts as they race against time to repair the ship .
40 When a mite climbs on to a worker ant 's chin , it expects more than just a free ride ( photographed at about 20 times life size ) .
41 I think they were more than just a marauding band of outlaws . ’
42 It 's no secret that Mansell has more than just a soft spot for Frank Williams , and indeed has enjoyed lots of success at Williams in the past .
43 ‘ They are prepared for more than just a social call , ’ Taheb said .
44 For him , the " Panopticon principle " ( p 216 ) should be regarded as more than just a particular example of ingenuity in architectural design ; rather : " … it was an event in the " history of the human mind " .
45 It 's more common among the very young , men with more than just a basic education , and very common among the unemployed .
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