Example sentences of "i 'll [adv] [verb] a [noun sg] " in BNC.

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31 I 'll just have a spot can I ?
32 I 'll just have a yogurt .
33 Let me have , just give me a — I think I 'll just have a handjob . "
34 Oh I 'll just have a walk up I think .
35 Yeah , yes I 'll just have a piece of fish and you can have fish and chips , we wo n't have time to cook anything will we ?
36 I 'll just have a sandwich
37 I 'll just have a cup of coffee … ’
38 No , I 'll just have a cup of tea thanks , well I just turned away , you know
39 I 'll just have a mosey round front-of-house and see what 's going on , ’ she told Jack .
40 I 'll just have a shot at pencilling that in .
41 I 'll just add a bit to 's report .
42 And I 'll also let a spider into your room .
43 I 'll soon put a stop to that . ’
44 I 'll soon put a stop to that !
45 But if it 's a lie , then you 'll end your days as an old maid , Ann , for I 'll not marry a liar , and no other man will have you either , not while I 've aught to say about it . "
46 I 'll not start a fight if that 's what 's troubling thee .
47 Do n't worry yerself , I 'll not mention a word of it to anyone .
48 I 'll not have a babby in the place , I told them .
49 I 'll drive you to Glasgow the minute the snow lets up but I 'll not hear a word about it . ’
50 I 've recorded a lot of stuff with song writers whose work I like , but I 'll probably do a cover version as my first single because , as a TV presented I 'm bound to get a lot of flak at first . ’
51 I 'll probably have a stroll round there just to get a tracksuit for , when Michael was
52 ‘ Of course not ! ’ she replied , and even found a cheerful note from somewhere to add lightly , ‘ I ate a huge meal at lunchtime , so I 'll probably have a snack sent up , ’ and , making for her room before her emotions tripped her up , ‘ You 've been more than kind as it is .
53 So you 're feeling relaxed and comfortable and good because you 're telling me , you know , what a great tennis player I am and I really enjoy it , you 've just given me a couple of names that I 'll either make a note of or I 'll say that 's interesting cos I actually deal with Joe on a business relationship anyway erm maybe we could meet some other people from the tennis club , self employed people , professional people such as yourself , who might be interested in looking at financial planning but today I 'm more interested in talking about you Bill , erm we 'll come back to them a bit later if I may so let's press on .
54 Then if I want to put a bit of ‘ plate ’ or ‘ room ’ on , I 'll either put a bit on when I 'm recording it , by putting it through an effect , or using the guitar player 's FX .
55 But I 'll always take a chance with players if I think they are right , and this lad really impressed me . ’
56 " I 'll always find a job . "
57 ‘ They wo n't see any less of me and I 'll always have a key to the house , ’ he said .
58 For the next album , though , I 'll definitely get a group of guys round me again , just for the camaraderie .
59 I 'll never make a secretary , Aggie ; I 've got nothing up top . ’
60 I 'll never tell a soul ! ’
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