Example sentences of "it [vb mod] [adv] be [vb pp] that " in BNC.

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31 It may also be shown that these transformations include both the Ehlers transformation and the rotation described in previous sections .
32 Nevertheless , it may also be shown that , if the state sector is independent of the other sectors in consumption and production , then marginal cost pricing should still be pursued .
33 It may also be thought that when an agreement is negotiated by a trade union inequality of bargaining power as understood in the cases is not often a relevant factor .
34 It may also be mentioned that Rose was also on roller skates !
35 It may also be expected that the two systems will differ in other respects , such as the length of time each operates or the intensity of intervention , with care management being more concentrated and longer-term .
36 On the one hand , it may well be felt that an old person 's wish to stay with a carer should be respected unless their mental state is so gravely impaired that they literally do not know what they are doing .
37 If , for example , the driver 's national insurance contributions are paid partly by the haulier it may well be presumed that the driver is an employee .
38 It may well be argued that the government was able to defeat the General Strike by its propaganda campaigns , the arrest of Communist activists , the use of volunteers and by sheer patience , in allowing the General Council 's Negotiating Committee to spend several futile days negotiating the Samuel Memorandum in the hope that it would provide a basis for a settlement .
39 It may well be said that the patriarchal understanding of what it means to be male is abandoned .
40 It may well be accepted that a person who is deported should have greater protection than one who is refused entry , or that a person whose permit has expired has a lesser interest than one whose permit is revoked .
41 It may finally be noted that the presence of a " synonymous " word-pair within a parallelistic couplet may not necessarily form an obstacle to the parallelism of greater specificity .
42 ( 13.33 ) It may immediately be observed that the approaching waves have variable polarization except in the aligned limit .
43 But it may not be appreciated that Miller 's work provided the foundation for later encyclopaedic horticultural works ( see William Stearn , Chapter 20 ) and the ‘ bright beam of gardening ’ , of which John Rogers wrote in 1839 , has continued to shine for two centuries .
44 Similarly , women are not beyond attraction to a young boy , although it may probably be said that this is less often the case .
45 To make them pure for drinking purposes is , perhaps , impossible ; but it may reasonably be hoped that they may become sufficiently so to delight the eye and to repress the pestiferous and sickening exhalations which at present affect the multitudes of our population compelled to pass their lives on the bank of such rivers .
46 Moreover , the time required for the economy to approach the vicinity of a steady state may be quite long — longer than it may reasonably be expected that the parameters remain unchanged .
47 In this context it may be argued that if the ‘ inputs ’ are high in conventional terms it may reasonably be expected that the ‘ outputs ’ will also be high .
48 ( 2 ) For this purpose regard shall be had to such display , publication , showing , playing , broadcasting or inclusion in a cable programme service as he has , or it may reasonably be inferred that he has , in view . ’
49 It may thus be noted that these two solitonic terms provide the conditions for continuity on the two different null boundaries of region IV .
50 It may thus be observed that the constants k 1 and k 2 are restricted to the range satisfying ( 9.9 ) It is also appropriate to choose ( 9.10 ) to achieve the usual flat metric ( 3.6 ) in region I.
51 It may thus be observed that there is a ‘ trade-off between the disciplinary effect of takeovers and their disruptive impact on investment and long-term growth ’ .
52 It may thus be concluded that , if the leading terms in the expansions for the functions f and g are given by ( 10.34 ) , then the boundary conditions that are required for the solution to describe colliding plane waves are satisfied if .
53 It may however be noted that the immunity against judicial interrogation is no longer as complete as it was , for the abolition by the Criminal Evidence Act 1898 of the rule that an accused was not even a competent witness at his own trial opened up the possibility that if he did give evidence he would expose himself to questioning by counsel for the prosecution and in appropriate circumstances by the judge himself ; and his privilege against self-incrimination whilst giving evidence was expressly removed by section 1 ( e ) of the Act of 1898 .
54 It may simply be said that it is just a ‘ fact ’ that Jesus was male , and that therefore priests should be . )
55 It may simply be said that what is needed for two events to be cause and effect as we understand them is that the probability of the second , given the first , is higher than the probability of the second , given the absence of the first .
56 For the present , it may simply be observed that Szekeres and Sbytov had omitted to include these cases .
57 It may still be objected that , though pupils at school must be in some way ranked in order of merit , the only way to do this that would not be restrictive is by in-school assessment .
58 It may perhaps be objected that the distance may prevent the pupils of the Hospitals from attending the Lectures of the Veterinary Professor — I will first answer to that — that it would be dangerous for the progress of the Veterinary science to give them too free admission into the College — because it might give a disgust to the residing pupils from their application to the Veterinary Medicine and many of them would change their mind and apply themselves to the anatomy of the human body , thinking that it would be more honorable for them to cure the human species than Animals , this happened in France and the best Veterinary pupils are now Physicians and Surgeons to the human species — this prejudiced ideal would inculcate itself into the minds of young men , the more so as the Veterinary Science is still in its Infancy in this Country , and in an abject state , for this reason it would be equally dangerous to permit residing pupils to attend medical or anatomical lectures , of the human body , or to frequent Hospitals : Therefore a certain distance from the Town would be more useful than otherwise for the progress of the Veterinary Science .
59 But it may perhaps be expected that where true grounds are that the police officer fears ‘ serious disruption to the life of the community ’ his order will say so .
60 Perhaps it may now be accepted that so long as a historian is acting as a historian , his criteria must arise from his own study and must not be imported from some other autonomous field .
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