Example sentences of "and it is [adv] [verb] [that] " in BNC.

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31 For many , this would be the natural choice anyway with or without government policy , and it is generally agreed that the ideals behind community care are good ones .
32 The ‘ broken ’ colours of the Blenheim and tricolour seem to be more popular , and it is generally held that the ‘ whole colours ’ are the more active of the breed .
33 If the purchaser 's and the vendor 's accountants are to be involved , and it is strongly recommended that they are , it is imperative that they should be involved as early as possible in negotiating this part of the sale agreement .
34 These prices are a guideline only and it is strongly advised that prices are checked at the time of booking .
35 That this can be done is borne out in practice , and it is sometimes noted that , in the course of treatment for some long-standing chronic condition , patients will re-experience old symptoms which they may have forgotten about .
36 ( An online search of the LISA database found no mention of Hand as an author , and it is therefore concluded that , unfortunately , Hand 's valuable work reported in his thesis remains unpublished ) .
37 Economies of scale are seen as operating at plant level and it is therefore argued that the growth of the multi-plant enterprise reflects narrowly financial considerations rather than any ‘ progressive development of the productive forces ’ .
38 The position can not be regarded as free from doubt and it is therefore recommended that the express provision set out in Precedent 2 be incorporated in the transfer .
39 The sense of urgency conveyed by the ‘ Look out ’ indicates the expectation that the pram , complete with baby , will fall over the cliff and perhaps be dashed on the rocks beneath and it is further assumed that this will be-deleterious for the baby .
40 A long tradition associates the organ with Christian worship and it is commonly assumed that every church has one .
41 Moreover , this distinctive structural location has been remarkably resilient to change and it is commonly argued that schooling plays a big part in the reproduction over time of the position of black people in British society .
42 Before any committal warrant is issued , the magistrates court must hold a means inquiry , and it is only following that that a warrant can be issued .
43 Obviously , it does not suddenly become safe to steepen the climb at a certain height , and it is now recognised that the angle should be progressively steepened .
44 And it is now recognised that the great mountain chains are always found on the side of the continental plate facing the direction of its drift .
45 Far dimmer and simpler than ours , but they certainly exist , and it is now recognised that they can and do suffer from stress .
46 In the past thirty years , astrophysicists have discovered dust clouds , radio signals , X-rays , electric and magnetic fields in supposedly empty space , and it is now realised that there is as much energy/matter between the stars as there is contained in them and in all the planets as well .
47 The decision is likely to postpone a hearing on the charges for many months and it is now thought that the case could eventually be heard in Milan instead of Turin .
48 The Clean Air Act of 1970 set out to create a healthy atmosphere for the population within less than a decade , but even by the 1990s this has not been achieved and it is now expected that some urban areas will not achieve healthy air until well into the next century .
49 ‘ Trials have been conducted in the UK which have proved successful and it is now proposed that commercial cultivation should be permitted in appropriate circumstances , ’ he added .
50 First , non-response was high and it is now known that , as a category , non-respondents are often very different in a number of relevant respects from those who do respond .
51 The survey will be begun to be made , as soon as 500 copies are subscribed for , and it is eagerly requested that such as wish to become subscribers , will be as early as possible in signifying their names , that the proposer may embrace the opportunity of surveying all the streets this summer , which can not be conveniently done after 7 o'clock in the morning , on account of the interruption of carriage .
52 And it is especially fitting that her statue should stand so close to the parade ring , the scene of such joyous pandemonium at Cheltenham after she had completed her unique double in March 1986 .
53 Sintered glass is superheated to provide a myriad of tiny cavities , and it is usually claimed that both aerobic ( nitrite and ammonia converting on the outside of the media ) and anaerobic bacteria ( nitrate converting on the inside of the media ) will thrive in such media .
54 The entry form is usually located on or near the product and it is usually required that each entry is accompanied by proofs of purchase .
55 They could obtain compass information from the sun and stars , and it is indeed known that some seasonal migrators follow stellar patterns ; stellar orientation has been particularly well studied in the indigo bunting , a bird that inhabits North America .
56 The fashion of railway excursions became very popular over the next 100 years , spreading throughout Britain and far beyond , and it is seldom realised that this leisure pursuit began in Ayrshire , with Troon and Barassie as the first seaside resorts for railway passengers .
57 Then unc giving unc of which the solution is ( any method from 2.5 may be used ) unc and it is readily checked that these also satisfy the fourth equation .
58 We go further , and it is often said that God has revealed his Spirit as much in Buddhism and Hinduism as in Christianity ; indeed , as much in atheism as in theism .
59 It is most common in older people and it is often believed that there is no cure because it is a sign that the body is wearing out .
60 Visions of heavy counselling sessions come to mind and it is often felt that the grieving person must be helped to ‘ come to terms with it ’ , whatever ‘ it ’ might be .
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