Example sentences of "be [vb pp] at any [adj] time " in BNC.

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61 Abrashes are usually found in monadic and village items , where only small amounts of yarn can be dyed at any one time , and are not a sign of inadequate craftsmanship .
62 Of course , too much should not be attempted at any one time , and the ideas should not run ahead of our abilities to put them into effect .
63 As a result , it 's been estimated that not many more than one per cent can be cultured at any one time .
64 Each cardholder has a set limit , running to hundreds or even thousands of pounds that can be borrowed at any one time .
65 None could be admitted at any other time except for cases of sudden accident or emergency , ‘ which are taken into the House at any hour of the night or day without any recommendation whatever . ’
66 Here , such types as Curtiss , Funk and King Loon mix with more common Cessnas and Pipers in a unique relaxed atmosphere , where up to 80 seaplanes or amphibians can be moored at any given time .
67 The HSE 's Employment Medical Advisory Service keeps a register of all research workers involved in genetic manipulation experiments , which would provide important data should an epidemiological survey be launched at any appropriate time , and all laboratories are required to inform GMAG and the HSE of their health monitoring arrangements .
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