Example sentences of "in [pos pn] mind 's eye " in BNC.

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31 The old familiar image of that desperately clutching hand , rising up out of the waves and then sinking again for ever , created itself in her mind 's eye .
32 She could see Miss Henrietta yet in her mind 's eye , so young and lovely , laughing up into the face of her adoring Captain Cook .
33 Already she could visualise the lay-out — ‘ The Other Side of Fashion ’ she 'd entitled it in her mind 's eye when she 'd discussed it with Nick .
34 Mother Francis would have loved that old cottage to be Eve 's home ; she could see in her mind 's eye a kind of life where Eve would bring her student friends home from university to stay there for weekends , and they would call at the convent and have tea in the parlour .
35 In her mind 's eye , from this distance away , it seemed infinitely more attractive than ever their London home had been .
36 Perhaps her nearsense completed for her — in her mind 's eye — those abbreviated gestures so that she perceived the weaving of a skein of death .
37 She liked his quiet manner , his bookish looks , his thin hands emerging from the voluminous sleeves of jerseys knitted for him by his mother who plainly , in her mind 's eye , saw him as a strapping youth of six foot two .
38 In her mind 's eye she saw the assassin 's mouth open and close , and on them read the syllables of her name .
39 A quarter of a century later , it is a moment she can still picture in her mind 's eye and she can still summon up the painful feelings of rejection , breach of trust and isolation that the break-up of her parents ’ marriage signified to her .
40 Ruth was silent , Adam 's spellbound face very clear in her mind 's eye .
41 In her mind 's eye she saw the face of her father , and her heart was heavy .
42 She saw in her mind 's eye rude naked women and flames as upright and stiff as those on the covers of boxes of fireworks .
43 She saw too , in her mind 's eye , the heaving bulk of the buffalo bull struggling in the grass in its death throes , saw once more the blindly charging cow and the ragged black vultures flopping down out of the sky , and all these images crowding through her mind heightened the vague sense of turbulence that was growing inside her with the gathering storm .
44 In her mind 's eye , she flayed the red man of his sparse pelt and hung it up to dry over a pole in her garden and then used it — as roofing for her animals ' hutch perhaps , or a tunic for herself .
45 And in her mind 's eye , she saw Mrs Plumptry .
46 Her life was uneventful , so that what she thought about naturally was what she saw with her eyes , or in her mind 's eye .
47 She is blind , so each contestant must tell her their adventures in great detail , so that she can see everything clearly in her mind 's eye .
48 She concentrated on the face in her mind 's eye , the single eye that saw in the dark and coloured things in .
49 She looked at Tommaso Talvi in her mind 's eye , she adjusted her image of him to fit with her sister 's , she inventoried his features , beginning with the eyes , and redrafted them in order to see them as ‘ pretty ’ , she scanned his caffelatte pallor and his big hands , grasping the bread she had cut for him , she looked at his mouth , the purplish fullness of his lips and the strong teeth that showed when he grinned , as he had done , often , but without laughter , when the men were disagreeing about the possibilities of change , the chances of the election on returning the Socialists , of bringing about improvements for the labourers now that the franchise had at last been widened to include some people who were n't bosses , like her father , a music teacher with a sense of honour , of justice .
50 ‘ Certainly , your Highness , ’ she bobbed in her mind 's eye .
51 In her mind 's eye Lisa could see those hostile dark eyebrows lifting magisterially as he assured her , ‘ But the most important appointment you have today is with me .
52 She paused , imagining the scene in her mind 's eye as she had done so many times before , trying to picture her mother as a young girl , still in the fresh-faced bloom of youth .
53 Only in her mind 's eye she saw the image of her father , rather big , fleshy , with bulging expressionless eyes .
54 All Rachel could see in her mind 's eye was Irene Markham 's gaunt features on the day when she 'd gone to Brooklands to pick David up .
55 After buying the house she had spent hours just walking through it , seeing in her mind 's eye just how it would all look eventually — but turning those dreams into reality was sheer hard graft , and she was n't halfway through yet .
56 Try as she might , Rory could n't help but giggle at the ridiculous picture that conjured up in her mind 's eye .
57 In her mind 's eye , she could see him walking out of the velvet sea , the sunlight golden on his skin .
58 It was of no help to her inner disquiet , as she left her room , that she saw in her mind 's eye a picture of the aristocratic-looking Ven Gajdusek .
59 ‘ Oh , how lovely , ’ she breathed , her imagination taking off as she pictured the scene in her mind 's eye .
60 And , as soon as she had paid the driver and he had gone on his way she stood for some moments , looking at Ven 's house , photographing it in her mind 's eye because she knew — she would never come this way again .
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