Example sentences of "in [pos pn] mind 's eye " in BNC.

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1 I see her in my mind 's eye always in a Fair Isle jersey .
2 It was her face chiefly that I saw brightening and fading away in my mind 's eye .
3 Occasionally she made rolled-up pancakes , and stuffed omelettes , and steak pies with lovely gravy:I have in my mind 's eye a picture of her , sitting in a corner with some child on her lap , and the usual dreamy expression on her face .
4 Merely by shutting his door if it was open , North would add to the intrigue of meetings : ‘ and when the meeting was over , I still could n't understand why the door was shut and what the intrigue was ’ said a visiting official , puzzled ; ‘ it was in my mind 's eye a social call . ’
5 In my case , and I am sure I am not alone in this , I can picture in my mind 's eye every summit I have reached in a long life without confusion of identity .
6 It seemed a very personal and special wave — the kind that I had seen in my mind 's eye in a night of tangled dreaming .
7 In my mind 's eye , your body is liberally smeared with a mixture of walnut oil and Nutella spread .
8 In my mind 's eye I see him as he was , complete with bowler-hat and aquiline nose .
9 I can see them in my mind 's eye even now .
10 In my mind 's eye , I see grey-faced men and women going to work on Friday morning .
11 I 've never had any difficulty sleeping and I try to stay awake long enough to see the cancer in my mind 's eye .
12 Squealing mice seemed bedded in my ears , and green hoppity things abounded , but right smack in my mind 's eye were two teams of digitised Ice Hockey players fighting it out in front of a packed stadium .
13 I can see them in my mind 's eye rising and dancing slowly around the room , their bodies undulating in a controlled exuberance as if lifted out of the world of motor cars , rockets and computerised mentalities into some universal heartbeat , some rhythm of the day , of the night , of the sea , of life .
14 Although I can see the whole thing unrolling in my mind 's eye like a silent film , I ca n't really be precise about where everyone was and that sort of thing . ’
15 An inner excitement gripped me as I saw in my mind 's eye an image of Clare trying to hobble round her bedroom .
16 This image stays in my mind 's eye as the unequivocal focus of attention .
17 My priorities in my mind 's eye is better .
18 I 'm quite sure I saw it , I 've got a sort of picture in my mind 's eye .
19 I remember nothing there except a girl in the top class , who was fair-haired and had a bright complexion , and I see her now in my mind 's eye outstretched , lying upon her back on the floor .
20 I can see in my mind 's eye how the avenue of chestnuts was alight with red and white candles .
21 In my mind 's eye , I imagined her nestling warm and soft in the palms of my hands , trustingly accepting morsels of moistened wafer from between my lips , maybe cooing a little — not to say thank you , I 'm not daft enough to think that — because she would be so happy .
22 You did n't have to have the soul of a poet to conjure up what could have been ; in my mind 's eye I had a vision of Templars in their faceless conical helmets , red and white crosses on their black cloaks , moving across the island at the dead of night , the barges being soundlessly poled whilst , at prow and stern , huge cresset torches spluttered and flared in the darkness .
23 I see him sluggish and stoned in my mind 's eye , his ginger hair and heavy lidded eyes , his clammy , groping hands and nothing to call his own .
24 To me resignation is a priceless liberation , for with it I have taken the first big step to that place where I may hope to wash my hands of what in my mind 's eye is the blood of millions of poor and starving peoples .
25 I 'd like at least to have a picture in my mind 's eye of where everything is . ’
26 But in their mind 's eye , audiences were convinced she had been virtually naked throughout .
27 Whatever they may have told the pollsters , there must have been countless voters who , as they finally confronted their choice , saw in their mind 's eye the image of a beaming Neil and Glenys standing at the door of Number 10 , and thought , dammit — prompting them to switch back to that decent , straightforward , reliable Mr Major .
28 By the time they had toured the famous house with its owner , studied the illustrious visitors ' book , looked round the study with Mr Luke Fildes ' picture of the Empty Chair in their mind 's eye , and had seen the chalet where Dickens wrote his last words before his death , they were drained of emotion , and it was fortunate that Rochester Castle provided exercise without undue stress .
29 She wanted to fix this countryside , in all its detail , in her mind 's eye and never lose it .
30 It was this nightmare image of panic and despair that she kept in her mind 's eye as Simon talked his way confidently through his own philosophy of life .
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