Example sentences of "in his mind 's eye " in BNC.

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1 He saw him in his mind 's eye , running through the wood wearing Uncle Walter 's helmet and firing a make-believe gun at the spy planes .
2 The longer he stood , in his mind 's eye , the more the walls seemed to close in on him , ready to seal him in their cold , inescapable embrace .
3 The ‘ photograph ’ of the burial mound in his mind 's eye , still so sharp and detailed , had convinced him that therein lay something of importance .
4 In his mind 's eye he saw them together in the brass-ended bed , his lovely Sweetheart with her silky hair and creamy-white skin , and beside her the grinning Tom Fish with one more cruel weapon to use against a little boy .
5 He looked at himself in his mind 's eye , squared his shoulders and carried on down the stairs .
6 As he spoke , the teacher saw Prince Richard in his mind 's eye and recalled the authority in the imperious carriage of the boy 's small head on his narrow but habitually braced shoulders .
7 The armoury fired his Jacobite imagination and within seconds of arrival , he was refighting the Battle of Prestonpans , marching to Derby , advising General George Murray on tactics and encouraging the troops ; in his mind 's eye , waiting hand and foot upon his hero , Prince Charles Edward Stewart .
8 Again he saw her in his mind 's eye : a tiny figure standing outside the pension in the rain as he raised her fingers to his lips in farewell .
9 The news caught Yanto unawares and caused a jolt in his stomach , but he showed no sign of concern as the dark skinned handsome spectre of Nigger Asnett his arch rival , appeared in his mind 's eye .
10 Corbett smiled slowly , the last stone was in place , the picture was complete and , in his mind 's eye , he saw full and clear the face of the murderer of Erceldoun , Seton , the young man in his own retinue , the boatman and , above all , the regicide , the slayer of the Lord 's anointed , King Alexander III of Scotland .
11 Beauty is in the eye of the beholder , of course , and what he is seeing in his mind 's eye , after years of study into world-wide distribution of disease in relation to diet , is the stool of someone unlikely to die from cancer of the bowel .
12 Paul bore all this in mind , looking down at Emily ; he could see her in his mind 's eye presiding over tea-parties at Oxford , saying the right thing to professors ' wives ; playing her part as his own wife , while he continued with his work uninterrupted except — he dared not think of it now — for the nights .
13 In his mind 's eye , Vologsky could see Major Tzann seated at his desk , holding it between trembling fingers .
14 Whenever Shiva considered the word he saw in his mind 's eye a grinning Mephistopheles with small , curly ram 's horns , capering in frock coat .
15 He had burned it himself on the fire he had made against the fruit-garden wall and it might be that no copies of it existed , yet in his mind 's eye it recreated itself , the child for ever stilled , its face a waxen mask , the old doctor haggard with sorrow and lack of sleep , the mirror no breath had misted held in his hand , the parents in each other 's arms .
16 In his mind 's eye there was dawning a picture of this Carrie .
17 He was well on his way to the station when he paused and looked up towards a building , and he saw in his mind 's eye Carrie running up the steps , and he recalled her voice saying , ‘ Oh ! why must you keep on about that . ’
18 ‘ Thee I invoke , oh our Emperor , ’ he prayed , the formula glowing neon in his mind 's eye , ‘ that thou wilt infuse these cards this hour ; that thereby I may obtain true insight of things hidden , to thy glory and to the salvation of humanity — ’
19 Even as he spoke , this avenue closed up in his mind 's eye like a pupil contracting to a black point .
20 In his mind 's eye he relived their love-making of a few hours before and the picture of Michael lying underneath him as he penetrated him rose in his mind .
21 In his mind 's eye Michael could see Anthony 's face inside ie , staring upwards at darkness for the rest of eternity .
22 In his mind 's eye he saw it boring its way into the earth , down , down , until it reached his brother 's face .
23 She was in his mind 's eye now , like a fugitive from some more perfect place .
24 He felt every motion of tongue and tooth in play upon him , his prick particularized by her appetite , becoming vast in his mind 's eye until it was his body 's size : a veiny torso and a blind head lying on the bed of his belly wet from end to end , straining and shuddering , while she , the darkness , swallowed him utterly .
25 He could see the image clearly enough in his mind 's eye ( since that night no two rememberings had been more than a minute apart ) but even the most basic sketch eluded his hand .
26 Then he knows he will get the landscape that is already present in his mind 's eye .
27 Even less had they diminished the image of Topaz which was always in his mind 's eye .
28 Poor child — he can see them in his mind 's eye , but how can he express them in paint ?
29 In his mind 's eye , Preston saw himself as the daddy in one of the twins ' bedtime books .
30 He saw his mother in his mind 's eye , her arms red to the elbows from doing other people 's washing and ironing , her knees permanently swollen from scrubbing floors .
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