Example sentences of "go out of [pos pn] way [to-vb] " in BNC.

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31 For one thing , Callinicos goes out of his way to establish that the intellectual tradition he is concerned to critique is itself most fruitfully read , not as an articulation of a qualitatively new postmodernism , but an instance of a Modernist-type response .
32 Luke therefore goes out of his way to excuse the actions of Pilate :
33 He goes out of his way to help his customers , his suppliers , his employees , his colleagues and his acquaintances .
34 One manufacturer of modern doors and windows in Gloucestershire says he goes out of his way to offer finishes and styles in keeping with older properties and his work helps conservation in another way — his frames do n't use timber from the rainforests .
35 and I 'll just , I , you know , I do n't need someone like that but the point is that he , if he knows you do n't like him , he goes out of his way to make things difficult for you .
36 He too is a man who goes out of his way to twist people 's tails in the hope of provoking them when he thinks their inactivity is impermissible .
37 While the Council was in general described as having a ‘ pastoral ’ rather than a ‘ dogmatic ’ purpose , it went out of its way to name two of its principal documents ‘ Dogmatic Constitutions ’ .
38 The impact of the Schlunk decision on actual practice may well turn out to be quite limited , for the Court went out of its way to spell out the advantages of using the machinery of the Convention :
39 In fact she went out of her way to show her support for the people who had contributed to it .
40 " She just went out of her way to get to know what was going on . "
41 I wonder , my old housemistress actually got erm thrown out of her school , she was a brilliant housemistress , she was really young , really pretty twenty , twenty eight or something , really easygoing and she like , she went out of her way to , she bent over back yeah she went out of her way to get us erm you know
42 One woman in particular went out of her way to help me out .
43 Medical workers said the princess went out of her way to help dispel local superstition about the disease .
44 She went out of her way to pass near him , and he went out of his way to insult her .
45 And she went out of her way to praise artist David Hankinson as she unveiled his painting of her in fairy-tale pink gown complete with tiara , pearl drop earrings and gold watch .
46 Since they held the bourgeois responsible for the war , they went out of their way to shock .
47 Old-fashioned MPs , unlike the new generation who happily turn up at the annual conference , went out of their way to dream up family illnesses , unavoidable business meetings or urgent missions to Kurdistan to avoid these gatherings .
48 One group swore that they did not get any salary , but took the job to attract men for prostitution ; and others went out of their way to prove their own sophistication by talking to them .
49 Four out of 10 shoppers believe that supermarkets selling " environment-friendly " products do so to exploit the market and not out of a genuine concern to protect the earth , according to Mintel. 10 per cent of respondents in the Mintel survey believed that companies were hiding behind a green " front " , and those who went out of their way to buy green products did so " in spite of corporate public relations efforts " .
50 After the Cabinet reshuffle in July 1989 and her press office 's rubbishing of the significance of the title deputy prime minister for Geoffrey Howe , Conservative back-benchers went out of their way to show their support for Sir Geoffrey Howe in the House of Commons .
51 I never knew why they went out of their way to hurt her ’
52 ‘ If ever I went out of my way to learn something from a book the chances were that It 'd be hopelessly wrong — you know , inaccurate transcriptions of a song or solo — so I decided to try and develop my own ear by learning things from record . ’
53 Dunne himself went out of his way to insist that his theory was free from any occult taint ; but An Experiment with Time , revised and expanded in 1934 , was to remain in print for over half a century ; and ironically , it won the reputation of doing more to convince the general public of the reality of clairvoyance , in the form of precognition , than all the labours of the psychical researchers whom Dunne so mistrusted .
54 Furthermore , it remains something of a puzzle that , when this movement did flourish during the 1920s and 1930s , Pound went out of his way to distance himself from it .
55 But Carter went out of his way to underwrite the Shah himself as well .
56 Syl went out of his way to preserve a semblance of youthfulness , wearing his clothes untidily and even eating in a haphazard fashion as though he was n't quite old enough to have learned proper manners .
57 A few years later William Tyrell , private secretary of the foreign secretary from 1908 onwards , " went out of his way to cultivate relations with the Press " .
58 He was ‘ self-confident , firm in his views , ’ and went out of his way to take charge of patients ' care , said counsel .
59 She found the crew very friendly , and the skipper went out of his way to dance attendance on her .
60 In his speech he went out of his way to welcome the establishment of the Faculty , and the part it would play in encouraging and enhancing proficiency and knowledge of tax not only within the profession , but in business , industry and commerce , and among the general public the profession serves .
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