Example sentences of "have [vb pp] for a long time " in BNC.

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61 That shared culture has gone , though its traces have persisted for a long time , at least among those unworldly older academics who assume that students of English will have read the whole of Shakespeare in the sixth form , or that they can readily identify classical or biblical references .
62 You do n't expect that from people you have known for a long time .
63 We have known for a long time that there is no one right way to analyze a proposed capital investment .
64 Managers have known for a long time that demographics matter , but they have always believed that population statistics change slowly .
65 Residents have campaigned for a long time for a speed restriction and traffic calming in Skerne Park , which has a high accident rate .
66 Some young people in care have voiced for a long time their preference for residential rather than fostering care ( Page and Clark , 1977 ) .
67 In calling for a vote on European union , TODAY is speaking up for what most of us have wanted for a long time .
68 Archbishop Eames said : ‘ I have believed for a long time there is a crying need for the Churches to examine the problem of sectarianism in depth .
69 As we all know , not only in London but in many of our big cities , there are areas of great depression — neglected areas where there are thousands of people out of work — and those areas have existed for a long time .
70 This is a pity because his book was one of the most interesting textbooks I have read for a long time .
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