Example sentences of "have [vb pp] for a [adj] time " in BNC.

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31 An enormous boxer hurled himself on me in delight , clawing at my chest with the biggest , horniest feet I had seen for a long time .
32 At first he felt more relaxed than he had done for a long time .
33 Among the most dangerous was the Chaplain of the Repubblichini , a Catholic priest whom everybody had suspected for a long time .
34 After all , she had suspected for a long time now that he was aware of the effect he sometimes had on her .
35 Scientists on both sides of the Atlantic have said that the so-called ‘ Concorde ’ trial confirms what many had felt for a long time , namely that AZT taken on its own is likely to be limited in delaying the onset of AIDS .
36 Balcon was the sort of producer the British film industry had needed for a long time .
37 first thing I 've had for a long time is er that .
38 why , that 's what the problem you 've spoken for a long time you just know it , but you do n't know why you use that way , you just do that way .
39 He had driven to Roker in Sunderland and had walked for a long time on the beach , contemplating suicide , but had driven back to his son 's home .
40 We 've known for a long time that when you can talk on the run , the miles just fly by .
41 She had known for a long time now .
42 He had known for a long time , but had refused to admit it to himself .
43 at last the confirmation of something he had known for a long time .
44 In most of the other colonies , Europeans had ruled for a long time .
45 It seemed to Tallis that she had smouldered for a long time before finally the fire had taken hold .
46 You 've wanted for a long time to conduct Le Sacre in the theatre ?
47 Peggy had lived for a long time with an aunt while her daddy and mummy were abroad , and she had been spoilt by always getting her own way .
48 Arthur Leopold of County Cork had taken the picture , and the first time Ellie had tiptoed into the bedroom she had stood for a long time staring at the photograph , because it was the first time she had ever seen the likeness of her dead mother .
49 Certainly Edward 's last ( and only surviving ) letter to the critic suggests that the period of mentorship had lasted for a reasonable time , probably at least a year .
50 There had been a bitter dispute in the college ever since a group of young fellows returning after the war had voted many of the old fellows out of the college offices they had held for a long time .
51 I wonder — I 've wondered for a long time — was I right , or was I wrong ?
52 On a video-film made at Highlander entitled ‘ Save our Land and People , ’ a variety of these groups speak to each other about their own problems and possible solutions , hopes and fears , and I think it is no accident that some of the most beautiful music and evocative songs which I have heard for a long time comes from these people .
53 You have hidden for a long time , Maggie , and missed so much . ’
54 Some learning resources are cheaper than others , and British primary schools have improvised for a long time with the very simplest materials including the discarded packaging of the consumer society .
55 As an apologist , he seems totally blind to the fact that the New Testament is just such a collection of old books , which require , if we are to understand them aright , patience and a willingness to listen to scholars who have meditated for a long time on the nature of the ( often quite puzzling and contradictory ) material which they contain .
56 They are perhaps playing a more prominent part than they have done for a long time .
57 ‘ Marcus is the best young athlete and talent I have seen for a long time , ’ said Allison .
58 If you saw it over the weekend I mean there was I think it was group sex er it was it wa was gay sex and it was all going on I mean it was all I thought it was the most exciting thing I have seen for a long time to be quite honest .
59 This has been one of the best Friday debates that I have attended for a long time .
60 We have argued for a long time that there is a peripheral argument that in the strategic interests of the nation we should be concerned about the coal industry .
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