Example sentences of "have been [v-ing] for some time " in BNC.

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1 If this has been leaking for some time then the transfer box is probably low on oil .
2 It is clear that he has been speaking for some time .
3 I am deeply interested in the row that has been brewing for some time in the heat of the nuclear arms debate , and not only because the key figure is a friend of mine .
4 Work towards this goal has been progressing for some time , culminating in a public launch at a major conference , held in the Forum Hotel , Glasgow on 23 October , 1989 .
5 He has been writing for some time , starting with horror , and has more recently turned to the psychological thriller .
6 The zoo is now considering a number of proposals which includes one submitted by the staff and another by New Zoo Developments Ltd. along with an in-house plan which the Society has been developing for some time .
7 Since the department since the regional office has been suggesting for some time , or throughout the entire process of this structure plan alteration , that erm an exceptions policy should be considered by the erm county council , I think it would be consistent that we would anticipate the panel could reach a conclusion on the inclusion of the major exceptions policy as part of this alteration .
8 Here , after a campaign has been running for some time , a sample survey is used , in which questions are asked about the brands in the market in question :
9 Concern has been growing for some time now , voiced not only by the media but also by some high-powered academics , ex-civil servants and former senior government statisticians , that official information which should be wholly objective is being distorted , suppressed or otherwise interfered with to serve the political ends of the government .
10 In the UK , this ideal has been eroding for some time and seems unlikely to survive the escalating costs of current treatments .
11 ‘ It was only an idea he had , based on the way Robert has been behaving for some time .
12 That has been happening for some time , but the Secretary of State and the Minister should know that .
13 She must have been waiting for some time .
14 Both countries had been speaking for some time of their desire to improve relations , without making much progress .
15 This was reportedly a concession which US oil companies had been seeking for some time .
16 The phone had been ringing for some time .
17 By the time I was twelve years old I had been thinking for some time about getting a bird of my own .
18 In fact , he was so happy with the idea that had come to him from the writer , Peter Shaffer , he began the serious rethink of his career which friends like Lance Percival had been thinking for some time was overdue .
19 I decided to go back to the village , to thank him for all his help , and to carry out a plan I had been considering for some time .
20 Abingdon 's trade had been waning for some time , with its fulling mills lying in ruins and unemployment rife by 1538 .
21 By now he had had confirmation of the news he had been expecting for some time .
22 ‘ Our information is that Mr Evans left the Club in order to go and see what was delaying the arrival of his wife whom he had been expecting for some time . ’
23 The document inevitably evoked much discussion within the Principality , and the WJEC , for example , responded by advocating a solution which it had been cherishing for some time , namely the creation of a small advisory body made up of representatives of three bodies : the Welsh Office ; the Welsh Counties Committee , consisting of local authority representatives ; and the WJEC .
24 The Schuman Plan was based on ideas which had been circulating for some time but was devised in detail by Jean Monnet , who was in charge of France 's economic modernisation programme .
25 He looked as if he had been waiting for some time .
26 ‘ I do n't know what he meant , ’ Allen said after they had been walking for some time on the soft turf at the verge of the track .
27 His next move was to Madrid , an upheaval that he and his girlfriend had been planning for some time , and there his photographic education continued apace , despite one or two minor problems .
28 Carlson had been wondering for some time what was actually going on .
29 In his paper , Beveridge repeated what he had been saying for some time , namely , that there was no general breakdown of the labour-market , instead there was an overstocking of individual trades which was due to ‘ inadequate labour information and local hindrances to labour mobility ’ .
30 This was 2,000,000 above the previous figures but within the wide range the organization had been estimating for some time .
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