Example sentences of "have been [verb] for some time " in BNC.

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61 Professor Seymour-Strachey had been retired for some time now , and had left Grimsby .
62 That system had been intended for some time .
63 The document inevitably evoked much discussion within the Principality , and the WJEC , for example , responded by advocating a solution which it had been cherishing for some time , namely the creation of a small advisory body made up of representatives of three bodies : the Welsh Office ; the Welsh Counties Committee , consisting of local authority representatives ; and the WJEC .
64 It had been known for some time that relations between Stephenson and Villa were strained because of the player 's insistence on living in his home-town of Newcastle , and several clubs , keen to secure him , were watching the situation closely .
65 The squinch had been known for some time and was used in Persia , Turkestan , Armenia and Asia Minor .
66 The Schuman Plan was based on ideas which had been circulating for some time but was devised in detail by Jean Monnet , who was in charge of France 's economic modernisation programme .
67 He looked as if he had been waiting for some time .
68 ‘ I do n't know what he meant , ’ Allen said after they had been walking for some time on the soft turf at the verge of the track .
69 His next move was to Madrid , an upheaval that he and his girlfriend had been planning for some time , and there his photographic education continued apace , despite one or two minor problems .
70 Carlson had been wondering for some time what was actually going on .
71 When somebody had been convicted of the offence , or no other offences had been committed for some time , the names were removed from the police station notice board — the police needed the space there — and put in a file or destroyed .
72 In his paper , Beveridge repeated what he had been saying for some time , namely , that there was no general breakdown of the labour-market , instead there was an overstocking of individual trades which was due to ‘ inadequate labour information and local hindrances to labour mobility ’ .
73 Over 40,000 people staged a demonstration in Buenos Aires on Dec. 30 against the decision , which had been forecast for some time .
74 Some would argue that the real problem lies in the fact that shares had been overvalued for some time , and that prices were likely to fall , and that the above events provided the impetus .
75 This was 2,000,000 above the previous figures but within the wide range the organization had been estimating for some time .
76 The third had been expected for some time .
77 Guests had been arriving for some time , for they had heard cars coming and going , but she had n't met any yet .
78 On the contrary , the country had been smouldering for some time .
79 It was in these unpromising circumstances that the great cholera controversy , which had been smouldering for some time , at last burst into flame .
80 Our fellow-traveller had been mumbling for some time that he would ‘ hae tae get oot ! ’ .
81 He tried fitfully to proceed with a short prose book on the nature of culture which he had been contemplating for some time , but by the end of 1942 had produced only a first draft of two chapters : this must be the source of the four essays which appeared in the New English Weekly during January and February 1943 under the title , " Notes toward a Definition of Culture " .
82 We 've been trying for some time to employ as many players as possible during the winter , and this sponsorship means that it should be possible to take the worry of finding winter employment away from virtually all of them .
83 We 've been feeling for some time that our children are feeling that they 've been left alone , because er when they come to the temple they are too young to understand anything which is being explained from the stage , because er the speakers , or the preachers , have to cater for all the age groups and normally it 's for the , those who understand , already understand about Sikhism .
84 Well of course I 've been saying for some time now , for some time , and I want to underline that , and I hope the government are listening that we 've had twenty thousand troops on our streets , we 've twelve thousand armed policemen on our streets , we have the strictest security laws in Western Europe , and none of these things have solved our problem .
85 We have been forecasting for some time that the future of applications development would become the linking of objects , and that the keys to the kingdom would be held by the companies that sold the best objects , and Novell Inc seems to think so too .
86 We have been forecasting for some time that the future of applications development would become the linking of objects , and that the keys to the kingdom would be held by the companies that sold the best objects , and Novell Inc seems to think so too .
87 Nurses who have been nursing for some time are likely to have reached the stage where much of what they do has become automatic , that is , carried out without conscious thought or awareness .
88 Indications of Mr Mandela 's growing political stature in the eyes of the government have been accumulating for some time .
89 Division Two of this event is probably best left to Tom Jones 's Sadler 's Wells newcomer Alyakkh , about whom local work-watchers have been cooing for some time .
90 The difficulties in comparing the two modes of treatment have been understood for some time .
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