Example sentences of "be [vb pp] from time to time " in BNC.

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31 The doctrine of precedent restrains tribunals and the trial judges in the county courts and in the High Court from digressing into frolics of legal innovation , but even the trial judge will be presented from time to time with issues upon which there are no binding precedents .
32 You will probably be visited from time to time , and in some areas you will get practical help such as toy kits , toy libraries , first aid kits and safety equipment on loan .
33 Independent of this physical cause there exists always one more or less contrary evil to the cure of maladies in any Hospital whatever which results from the great number of sick assembled in one place , the bodies of which occasion emanations which alters more or less the wholesomeness of the air , but this cause may in some manner be done away with by the great cleanliness of the Stables and fumigations that might be performed from time to time
34 the standard format for depicting the Member who has the floor should be a head and shoulder shot , not a close-up ; ( d wide-angle shots of the Chamber may be used from time to time ;
35 Additionally , buckwheat , bamboo shoots , millet , sago and tapioca can be used from time to time , but these are not usually very popular .
36 As a primary source of good , and subject to whatever rules may be agreed from time to time , this early example of human cooperation could be an unquestioned source of ‘ goodness ’ to be assigned to the keeping of the Created God .
37 Indeed , they may be appreciated as a lively addition to the garden , to be watched from time to time from the kitchen window .
38 The topic continues to be raised from time to time in the media including illustrations of how celebrity trials in America are reported on TV .
39 Radicals wanted to see progress towards humankind as the central theme , but conservatives like Owen , worried about the status of the human soul , preferred more complex patterns of development that allowed for entirely new levels of organization to be introduced from time to time .
40 Whether you intend to show your dog or not , it will need to be bathed from time to time .
41 Standard terms may be updated from time to time .
42 If you are a regular , or plan to be , then because of the amount of work imposed upon them you need a minimum of four ferrets since they must not be overworked and must be rested from time to time through the day .
43 To achieve that target without endless sprawl , local interests will have to be hurt from time to time .
44 Having examined the practice in different common law jurisdictions , their Lordships consider that the principles endorsed by the Jamaican Court of Appeal , particularly with regard to inconsistent previous statements , represent what will normally be an acceptable way of achieving fairness to the accused and they take the opportunity of saying that in a civilised community the most suitable ways of achieving such fairness ( which should not be immutable and require to be reconsidered from time to time ) are best left to , and devised by , the legislature , the executive and the judiciary which serve that community and are familiar with its problems .
45 I understand that this figure will be reviewed from time to time in the light of inflation .
46 If this help is given it will be for three months in the first instance and the position will be reviewed from time to time after that .
47 But the publication of these magazines was of course very demanding both in time and money and several faded away in the following decade , to be revived from time to time in spasmodic bouts of enthusiasm .
48 2.6.1 for insuring the Centre or ( where such insurance includes the Centre and other premises ) such proportion [ reasonably ] attributable to the Centre of the sums that the Landlord shall from time to time pay by way of premium for insuring the Centre and other premises to be determined from time to time by the Surveyor acting as an expert and not as an arbitrator
49 People who live beside flood rivers are liable to be recruited from time to time .
50 The Horn of Africa is likely to remain a high profile emergency area and highly focused sporadic and urgent campaigning work may be required from time to time .
51 These standards may vary from country to country and they may be changed from time to time within a given country .
52 But heads do nevertheless need to say what has to be changed from time to time — and should see the need for change before their colleagues .
53 Class tests may also be held from time to time .
54 Thereafter meetings of members of the Cabinet will be held from time to time , complemented by advisers and policy units , in order to review progress .
55 have been a full-time teacher for at least two years in college , polytechnic or university teaching students following a course leading to the HCIMA professional examination or such other qualifications as are defined from time to time by the council
56 The overall law of this country is laid down and maintained by Parliament by means of Acts which are passed from time to time .
57 In January 1986 , the then Lord Chancellor ( Lord Hailsham ) said that the rules had been reviewed from time to time and the judiciary of the Supreme Court and the Circuit bench consulted .
58 Short courses , for teachers already in post , were arranged from time to time , though they assumed nothing like the significance that in-service provision was to have later .
59 The voices of churchmen were heard from time to time , perhaps frequently , complaining of the enslavement of Christians , or of the treatment of slaves ; but there was no radical attack on the institution as such .
60 Inspectors , some of them Englishmen , were dismissed from time to time for accepting bribes or for other dubious practices .
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