Example sentences of "be [vb pp] for the first time " in BNC.

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61 Nor should it be forgotten , as Professor Orth has pointed out , that in 1799 penalties were prescribed for the first time for workmen as a class , not for hatters or paper makers as a special group ; in other words , the language of the act was concerned with a horizontal social division , not with the reconciliation of difference within the vertical structure of a craft .
62 Every activity in the left-hand path is treated as if it were being undertaken for the first time .
63 Representatives of the United Kingdom and Argentine governments were joined for the first time by a Falklands official in talks on fishing controls held in the Argentinian capital , Buenos Aires , in May 1991 .
64 When the Mughal court was disbanded , Muslim hijras were exposed for the first time to the other , Hindu , tradition of eunuchry .
65 During the relaying of this track , the Marton trams operated in a complete circle , returning to Talbot Square via Royal Oak and Lytham Road , while the St. Annes blue cars were diverted for the first time to the Promenade at Talbot Square .
66 Although some horses will travel in horse trailers as if it is second nature to them , even without having any previous related experience ; and some horses will stand perfectly and quietly for the farrier when they are being shod for the first time ; many will not !
67 It is not that the question of the ordination of women is being considered for the first time in our day !
68 To nine patients out of ten she was the first hospital sister with whom they had been confronted , and the great majority , when they walked , were pushed , or were carried for the first time through the double doors of our main entrance , were very apprehensive and trying to hide the fact .
69 The Education Act of 1944 , for example , led to the majority of rural school children being educated for the first time outside their own village after the age of eleven .
70 Banana splits still solved acute hunger problems but gorgeous undies were forgotten for the first time .
71 A Christmas tree was put up in Moscow 's Red Square for the first time , and on Christmas Eve the bells of St Basil 's Cathedral in Red Square were rung for the first time since 1917 .
72 Along with the technology came the new scientific breed of brewers , and the skills of brewing chemists , administrators and engineers were harnessed for the first time .
73 Each controversial assertion is treated as if it were being made for the first time .
74 ‘ On the 20th July we reached the 26th degree of S. Lat. , and were visited for the first time by the Cape petrel .
75 Young ladies being presented for the first time were known as debutantes .
76 Common sense requires one to recognize that the most significant things were what was being said for the first time , at least in that form , in modern Catholic history and with such authority .
77 In tax matters the Empire was indeed surprisingly decentralised , with taxes levied exclusively by the states until 1914 when imperial taxes were imposed for the first time .
78 These pilot events have been developed , in conjunction with the Department of Industrial and Social Studies , to form the core of a new elective module ‘ Team Development in Practice ’ being offered for the first time in semester one 1993/94 .
79 For example , the 1987/88 Programme of Work included a major review of the modules in Personal and Social Development ( PSD ) ; the fruits of this review appeared in the catalogue last April and the new and revised modules are being used for the first time this session .
80 It was also in 1883 , amidst considerable alarm about the increasing use of firearms by burglars , that the London police were armed for the first time in their history .
81 On this canal poundlocks were used for the first time in England , i.e. , an upper and a lower gate fitted with sluices and enclosing a chamber into which boats passed to be raised or lowered to the next level .
82 They were soon copied by the French , who developed formations of this kind on a large scale from the 1760s onwards , while light infantry were used for the first time in Europe by the Russians at the siege of Kolberg in 1761 .
83 In 1966 , solid state computers , developed under the direction of Drs Hanzo Omi and Toshio Ikeda , were exported for the first time .
84 It is the combination of being told for the first time that you have coronary disease with the need for an emergency procedure , for example , an angiogram .
85 In that imperial annus mirabilis of 1897 Nonconformist representatives were invited for the first time in English history to take part in a royal celebration when thirty representatives were allowed places at St Paul 's to witness the short act of worship in the midst of the Queen 's Jubilee procession through London .
86 The government showed its new military capabilities at the independence anniversary celebrations on Oct. 1 , 1989 , when Franco-German anti-tank missiles and French Mistral portable ground-to-air missiles were displayed for the first time .
87 Here the Unionists were challenged for the first time in many years but the NILP shared the anti-Unionist vote with Independents , who polled 4.5 per cent in North and 2 per cent in Waterside .
88 Next day it rained very hard and the leggings were worn for the first time .
89 Thoughts of acquiring a complete rake of steam-compatible Mk 1s from BR were aired for the first time in 1977 .
90 Most of the songs on ‘ Bizarro ’ had been regulars in the live set for some time but newer ones like ‘ Crushed ’ and ‘ Brassneck ’ were aired for the first time over the August Bank Holiday at the Reading Festival and John Peel 's 50th birthday party on August 29 .
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