Example sentences of "be [vb pp] for the first time " in BNC.

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31 Thirty-six mosaics have been lent by the Jordanian government and will be seen for the first time in Britain .
32 Then in the distance , the 6ft wave could be seen for the first time roaring up river at 10 mph .
33 But now five upstairs rooms have been restored , and can be seen for the first time .
34 As the distinguished chemist , Cornford , said : ‘ The doctrine is based on the theory that nothing should ever be done for the first time . ’
35 A decree issued on Sept. 16 stated that the profits of all wholly Omani-owned companies were to be taxed for the first time from the end of 1989 .
36 If such information was not attended to in the judgment phase then it is possible that when it is seen in the recognition phase it will be noticed for the first time .
37 Brown Windsor will be blinkered for the first time , a decision to which trainer Nicky Henderson gave long thought .
38 There were grandchildren to be met for the first time .
39 The story of Dod , the Doric-speaking protagonist , and his encounters with Gaels and other inhabitants of the oil platform he works on , will be told for the first time on Saturday , 20 February , at Broadford .
40 Bonaventure of the St John of God Hospitallers , welcomed everyone on arrival at the centre which was to be used for the first time .
41 One of these , PC-Hornet , which has been developed over the past 10 years , will be shown for the first time by McDonnell Douglas .
42 The finest Civil War pieces in the Royal Armouries collection will be shown for the first time outside the Tower of London in the travelling exhibition , Civil War .
43 Either English for Business ( First Level ) or English for Commerce ( First Level ) must be passed for the First Level Certificate in Commercial Studies award ( which will be offered for the first time in 1993 ) .
44 In November 1989 it was announced that the Falkland Islands Company ( now owned by Anglo United , a UK-based mining and fuel distribution group which had taken over Coalite , the Falkland Islands Company 's existing owner , in August 1989 ) would be appointing a chief executive who would be based for the first time on the islands themselves .
46 In 1993 the League will be expanded to 50-overs-per-side , and coloured clothing will be worn for the first time in senior English cricket .
47 To help fund the increases in social spending , representing 38.2 per cent of the total budget , value added tax would be raised and would be introduced for the first time on all foodstuffs .
48 EXCLUSIVE A HUMAN egg donor programme , which offers new hope to hundreds of childless couples , will be provided for the first time by a Merseyside hospital .
49 A specially commissioned painting by railway artist Simon Bowditch will be unveiled for the first time during the day , and limited edition copies given to local dignitaries .
50 The immediate post-war period again provided the optimism that had existed in 1920 , and the farm worker appeared to be poised for the first time to achieve equality of pay and status with workers in other industries .
51 The allowance can not normally be paid for the first time after pension age because it is regarded as overlapping with the retirement pension .
52 In 1911 the Parliament Act was passed permitting members of the British parliament to be paid for the first time .
53 THE ORGANISERS of the World Student Games to be held in Sheffield in 1991 intend to foot the bill for the Games , which will have to be staged for the first time without direct financial help from the host government , by raising £18m through sponsorship .
54 Festival organisers also hope for high standard of competition in a new music competition to be held for the first time this year .
55 Festival organisers also hope for high standard of music in a competition to be held for the first time .
56 THE Grampian Piers Race , for dinghies , multi-hulls , windsurfers and water-skiers , will be held for the first time on Saturday , 7 August .
57 This is primarily due to process integration — eg filtration and drying have been combined for the first time in the Pergascript operation .
58 The Accademia 's curator Annalisa Perissa Torrina has compiled detailed notes on each of the 221 drawings now in the Accademia and has identified the original sources of the reproductive drawings , 124 of which are reproduced for the first time .
59 A special austerity programme had reduced the range of consumer goods and foodstuffs , with eggs and bread being rationed for the first time .
60 Strikes were legalized for the first time in Bulgaria 's history when on March 6 the National Assembly passed a bill on settling collective industrial disputes .
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