Example sentences of "assumed to [be] [adv] " in BNC.

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31 It was apparent that his attendance at the coming Party Conference must be assumed to be very unlikely , and that the question of replacing him as leader could arise .
32 It may possibly be , as it surely is in ( 22 ) , that , where a single entity is present to the mind of the speaker , the same speaker can not simultaneously entertain the idea of more than one referent corresponding to that entity ( though there may be certain problems for this view in the case of collective nouns such as government or congregation or quartet , for which see Chapter 8 ) ; however , it is much less obvious that , where there is assumed to be only a single referent , there should be only a single intensional entity present to the mind ; rather , it seems to us that the separation of the referential and the intensional elements is precisely what lies behind such examples as ( 23 ) ( from Searle , 1969 ) , or ( 24 ) : ( 23 ) Everest is Chomolungma ( 24 ) the sheriff did not know that he was Arthur 's brother In the latter sentence , of course , we are interested in the interpretation which has he co-referring with Arthur 's brother , and the reason that we do not find a reflexive in the final position is precisely that these two elements are distinct intensionally even though they share the same referent .
33 Questions are asked by people who lack a particular piece of knowledge , and questions are addressed to people who are assumed to be more knowledgeable about that topic .
34 But in the classroom , the roles are often reversed : the person who asks the questions is the one who is assumed to be more knowledgeable .
35 But particularly in a public sector context , where appeals to the public interest could be assumed to be more common , profound questions remain which can not be resolved by terse definitions .
36 However , schema-consistent information is assumed to be more easy to integrate into existing memory structures and more likely to be subsequently recalled since active schema guide and cue the retrieval process ( Brewer & Treyens , 1981 ) .
37 Following this logic , only those depressive conditions where a stressor is apparently absent should be considered as ‘ real ’ depression , which is also sometimes assumed to be more likely to include psychotic symptoms and biological dysfunction .
38 The reason a bat is a particularly telling example for a philosopher , however , is that the experiences of an echolocating bat are assumed to be peculiarly alien and different from our own .
39 This seems to me to illustrate what I would call the ‘ Breakthrough Phenomenon ’ : the sudden discovery that something which has been assumed to be out of the question is not out of the question at all .
40 The implication of these types of ratio is that the population may be divided into two groups ; assets , i.e. those who are gainfully employed or assumed to be so , and liabilities , those who are not contributing to society .
41 Births in the first seven months of marriage are assumed to be pre-maritally conceived .
42 Work such as that of Young et al ( 1988 ) has even shown us how something that was traditionally assumed to be as intangible and subjective as the nature of conscious awareness itself can be disrupted by physical damage to the brain and can be successfully studied by the observational techniques of cognitive psychology .
43 Added to this was an acceptance of liberal Victorian culture to such a degree that it was assumed to be as eternal as the gospel itself .
44 This is because older people are assumed to be less flexible , less motivated and more ‘ tired ’ than those in their 20s and early 30s .
45 That is , the specialisation of the left hemisphere for language among inverters was assumed to be less complete than the right sided specialisation of non-inverters .
46 Furthermore , couples are assumed to be legally married .
47 This comfort assumes that the identities , which can be so effortlessly , even unconsciously , adopted in listening to a speech , are not in serious conflict : the categories of ‘ Conservative ’ , ‘ British ’ , ‘ right-thinking ’ all overlap and , in fact , without reflection might be assumed to be virtually synonymous .
48 Graph ( a ) shows the Keynesian speculative demand for money ( L s ) on the assumption that it is inversely related to the rate of interest between the interest rates Oi and Oi , 1 : above Oi 1 , the speculative demand is assumed to be zero and below Oi , it is assumed to be perfectly elastic .
49 We get the flux per unit length by integrating the flux density over the space between the wires ( assumed to be infinitely thin ) , as follows :
50 Wealth-producing assets are assumed to be infinitely divisible and taxes and transactions costs are both zero .
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