Example sentences of "can [be] said [prep] " in BNC.

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31 The same thing can be said about expense recognition , although there is a system of accounting which recognizes a debit earlier than the receipt of an invoice .
32 The paucity of available evidence concerning the foundation of the institution and the activities of the early Muftis means that one can hope to do no more than to draw reasonable inferences from the little evidence that does exist ; and some of what can be said about these problems involves a projection backward from the activities of later Muftis and will therefore be considered in greater detail in later sections .
33 If virtually nothing is known of the town defences , only a little more can be said about the streets .
34 In such a well studied and carefully recorded area , is there anything new that can be said about this Bronze Age landscape ?
35 ‘ Practically the only good thing which can be said about the patronage system , ’ said the Archdeacon , ‘ is that it prevents dioceses selling off or pulling down at least some few of their beautiful buildings . ’
36 ii ) What can be said about the behaviour of accounting denominator and accounting numerator of a financial ratio and what are the implications for the ratio distribution ?
37 Plentiful capitulary material means that a good deal can be said about Charles as a ruler .
38 But it is important to note that since nothing can be said about the magnitudes of the differences between the various elements along the continuum , none of the standard arithmetic operations can legitimately be used .
39 The same can be said about music which provides an immensely satisfying spiritual experience for many people for whom religion is totally dead .
40 Er , I can say for instance that I 'm changing because I 'm er getting older , I 'm getting tireder erm all sorts of things can be said about me .
41 Much the same can be said about constitutionally significant statute law , judicial decisions , and works of authority in the United States .
42 One thing that can be said about is that he he 's never drab .
43 The bowling department remains England 's main problem area , despite the batting failures , and there is not much good that can be said about the bowlers .
44 More than can be said for the lower one , he wrote .
45 'You look fresh as a daisy which is more than can be said for the rest of us. ’ said John .
46 Simon thought it sensible and practical ‘ which is more than can be said for most of their gimmicks , but ’ he warned her , ‘ if they like it they 'll take it over as their own .
47 ‘ When it comes to the purity of our water , we have virtually no traces of bacteria in the finished product , which is more than can be said for some other Common Market countries , ’ Dr Derek Miller , assistant director of the soon-to-be-privatised Water Research Centre told the newspaper .
48 Whether the same can be said for sessions with the shrink , I 'm not sure .
49 Much the same can be said for the group of surnames representing the former holding of offices , which includes such obvious examples as Butler , Chamberlain , Reeve , Beadle , Granger and Steward , but some are less obvious because time has dimmed both the memory of the office concerned and distorted the spelling of the name : Grieve = a farm steward ; Gayler = a gaoler ; Bailey = a bailiff or sergeant ; Spencer = a dispenser of provisions ; Tunnard = guardian of the village ( tūn ) pound ; Senskell = a majordomo ( seneschal ) ; Wardrop = a wardrober .
50 The only thing that can be said for astrology is that it makes money for those who write and publish horoscopes , despite being wrong on most occasions .
51 During the night Ham was in fine form , which is more than can be said for the Redstone rocket .
52 And this is more than can be said for the majority of other books which have exploited the same theme : that of man battling away , amid ignorance and fear , against some novel , lethal , unknown microorganism .
53 Its one saving grace is that it is water-tight , which is more than can be said for the tonneau cover .
54 Which is more than can be said for the Osborne creature 's genetic offering !
55 The same can be said for the ME-10's overdrive ; again this sound is a matter of taste , although not really mine .
56 One thing that can be said for this type of control is that you only need a minimum of movement in the pot to switch between crunch and scream .
57 What can be said for them is that if the High Priest is acting in the fullest awareness at present attainable by his people , it is right for him to perform the sacrifice , just as it would be right for a Western onlooker to try to dissuade him ; he is not like a Nazi who has voluntarily shut himself off from the knowledge of biology and history and the personal sensitivity attained by the culture of the Weimar Republic .
58 The trouble is that charity work never ends and the same can be said for the constant need for money to pay for research work , buy new hospital machinery or vehicles for disabled youngsters .
59 But I 'm all right — which is more than can be said for some . ’
60 This is more than can be said for the ever-decreasing Daily Mirror and Daily Express , both in terminal decline .
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