Example sentences of "over a long period " in BNC.

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31 What was less obvious was the effect on the system as a whole , which had evolved over a long period of time influenced by a variety of political and economical pressures , and not necessarily in a methodical manner .
32 All the research programmes have come from approaches made to the Unit and have involved extensive discussions , sometimes over a long period , but not for bureaucratic reasons .
33 In fact the opposite seems to have occurred because Grevy 's zebra is in other ways a very different animal from the common zebra and it appears that in their stripes the two species have converged rather than diverged , over a long period of time .
34 The styles of learning in Koranic schools and catechist classes have predictable effects on the way children learn in school , but the missionary tradition in education is responsible for so much else besides , ( over a long period of the history of formal education the great majority of schools were missionary schools ) .
35 One disadvantage of this to all parties is that over a long period memories fade and evidence becomes more difficult to establish .
36 If we find that magnets attached to cats will upset their ability to find their way home , then we are beginning , very dimly , to understand the amazing homing abilities that the animals have evolved over a long period of time .
37 The explanation is that , given a totally unvarying diet over a long period of time , especially if it is from kittenhood right through into adult life , a cat 's ‘ food variety mechanism ’ gets worn down and is finally switched off altogether .
38 Cook has incidentally been given a testimonial season by Transvaal for his outstanding services over a long period .
39 There 's really no chance of getting bitten if your ferrets have been properly handled over a long period and are never scared .
40 If , on the other hand , your elderly parent shows a quite uncharacteristic withdrawal from her normal concern for you and for others and is totally obsessed in an agitated fashion with herself and her own troubles , over a long period , you should begin to wonder if , in fact , she is suffering from a true depressive illness and may be in need of medical help .
41 To give or receive help , perhaps over a long period , which inevitably involves some self-sacrifice on the one hand and some loss of independence on the other , is a very big step .
42 The father , Mr P , also an English incomer to Orkney , had carried out various forms of abuse over a long period of time .
43 He went on ‘ improving ’ this poem over a long period of years so that the text usually printed shows many alterations from the original .
44 Unlike the 1991 Rugby World Cup , which took place over a whole month , not to mention the three months build-up , thereby allowing the sponsors to develop their marketing strategy over a long period of time , the World Sevens tournament is a three-day event , with the commercial potential of a ‘ Market blink ’ , as he puts it .
45 One of the tasks of a sponsor of such an event is to maximise on its appeal over a long period of time .
46 A table ( see below ) comparing opening and closing equity book value helps to summarise the main changes over a long period .
47 Involvement with the same client over a long period of time , the paper says , could result in a lack of objectivity and ‘ detraction from the regular and robust consideration ’ of issues associated with the audit .
48 Much research and attention to artists ' requirements has led to a new breed of synthetic brushes which are highly appropriate for use with acrylics , among other uses , which hold their shape well over a long period of time , are delightfully responsive to use , are superbly controllable , allowing precision work , and are durable enough to resist occasional misuse .
49 A 12 volt battery is really essential for the mechanical action of the trimmer to work effectively over a long period .
50 Fred has been encouraging pilferage over a long period .
51 Poor timekeeping over a long period usually amounts to misconduct .
52 The majority of other types of skin cancer are the result of continued exposure to sunlight over a long period of time .
53 If this analysis is accepted , then it is clear that the attempt over a long period of time to protect the position of those living in privately rented accommodation has failed and has , in fact , made the position worse .
54 At any particular moment the books might not appear to balance ( for example electrical energy input could be stored to be released as heat later , or energy taken up while forcing the deuterium into the palladium may be returned later U the deuterium leaks out and recombines in the atmosphere ) , so the relevant question was whether there was a net excess output of energy over a long period of time .
55 It is now generally applied to those who have neglected themselves over a long period of time or when a person has become seriously ill but is refusing hospital admission .
56 the nature of the caring relationship is likely to be based on love and mutual support over a long period of time .
57 And for cooking the tastiest casseroles , there 's a special ‘ Slow-set ’ facility which lets you leave the food to cook itself at a very low temperature over a long period .
58 The two main sets of circumstances to which the Act is normally applied relate first to mental disorder and secondly to self-neglect over a long period .
59 To my knowledge , no class can hold State power over a long period without at the same time exercising its hegemony over and in the State Ideological Apparatuses .
60 The result is that conflicts in one set of relationships , over a wide range of society , or over a long period of time , lead to the re-establishment of social cohesion ( 1955 : 2 ) .
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