Example sentences of "'ve been talking [prep] " in BNC.

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31 What do you think about this statue and all these trees we 've been talking about the ones around by Marks and Spencers yes ?
32 You 've been talking about doggy-dos I 'm gon na talk to you about my dog .
33 ‘ So how do we avoid turning into those sort of pillocks I 've been talking about , Jim ? ’
34 On one level there 's this analogy , this pattern about history that we 've been talking about but er is Freud 's attempt to explain Jewish er culture in terms of a , of a general pattern of history , of course there are many other examples and Mike has suggested a brilliant one here .
35 I now want to prove to you that this kind of evolution I 've been talking about , evolution by natural selection , at the level of individual genes , can not produce social cooperation .
36 In other words , these things I 've been talking about , map , if I may use that concept again from mathematics , they map to earlier feelings .
37 But I do n't think it really ever I mean there were quite a lot of initiatives like that you know of people thinking of different ways really of of sticking together to combat er you know what I 've been talking about which was smashing unionism and er forcing lower wages really onto the the already low paid , which er really seems to be what Thatcher 's all about you know in order to er curb inflation and create a very divided society where er half the population seem to have to live either on the dole or in in poverty really in in derelict bits of Britain .
38 in those days like they do in the time you 've been talking about ?
39 Actually give people chance to try what we 've been talking about .
40 Now making these points to and then to go backwards still about what we 've been talking about and that is it 's the same with the opera and what you were saying about Harry Enfield and everything else , that you can an and Billy Connolly , you can bring certain groups of people into areas where they would n't previously have been , but you will not necessarily take them on the next leaf so for example , this is all gon na sound snobby and I 'm sorry but you know I mean a lot of people like Gilbert and Sullivan for example , but will not move on to Bizet or whatever it is and will never do that and I mean I have a problem with that I mean it , to me it 's not we 're not it 's just reality , but we have to understand that I mean we have to understand that in the context of sponsorship
41 My fear Mr Chairman was that the very we 've been talking about can be weeks or months
42 Erm , I was going to mention , as Rob has done the increase in new complaints , which I think is somewhat welcome erm , we 're still taking a long time from the averages over the last twelve months , I think that 's just reflecting being out some days over the ones you 've been talking about , er , we 're down on actual stage one equipments in the month erm , we 're not quite sure why that is , mm it 's just the way things have panned out .
43 Er I think it 's also worth noting again chairman here that er in fact most of the hundred and forty five hectares that we 've been talking about er is in fact already committed
44 On the criteria we 've been talking about today , so find yourself a partner that you have n't worked with today somebody erm if you go in the same group that Kathy 's in because then if it comes up to four o'clock Kathy wants to go then you can be the other partner you 've got half an hour to put on one sheet of paper clearly and concisely what we 've done on communications .
45 You know communications is a very big area there 's a lot to be talked about erm certainly rapport and leading and things like that you asked for that we could 've done a lot more with , the type of language people use we could do a lot more with but when we 've got a limited time we 're gon na have to take a limited snapshot and I hope that what we 've done so far today you found useful and I hope when we put it into practice tomorrow maybe you can understand a little bit more of some of things that we 've been talking about today .
46 Now let me push on a bit and erm I wo n't ask you to write this down , but when we , we 've been talking about the state now what are the characteristics of the state ?
47 I think perhaps the council will now see why I 'm getting so frustrated and it 's because we 've been talking about this for over twelve months .
48 But we 've been talking about it for three four months .
49 Now , you 've been talking about Donna 's birth , but I thought it was your own you wanted to find out about ? ’
50 ‘ You 've been talking about wonder-boy Elliot , ’ she guessed , spotting his name .
51 I do n't think with the amount of moneny we 've been talking about today that would be the case .
52 do you think that maybe they could benefit from this idea that you 've been talking about today ?
53 Er it 's really is to follow on from this debate that we 're having about what should happen if a shortfall occurs , erm and we 've heard , I 've been listening carefully to your views about er the way in which you agree with the Good Committee that a shortfall is an employers debt , the employers responsibility to meet that shortfall and we 've been talking about that shortfall should be met , but the Good Committee also concluded that er pensioners should not be regarded as preferential creditors erm and you also agreed with that .
54 ‘ After all we 've been talking about ?
55 Yes of course , er , you know this thing we 've been talking about joining with the
56 I mean tha , is it all , you know , do we need all the time to have erm extra administrative help and in in , and in terms of which we 've been talking about before , I know they might sound like two conflicting issues but one of the ways of ensuring we get the work done is do we trying too much at the Synod ?
57 They said the only thing we 've been talking about at R F S is his er wheel effects .
58 You know what I think er , th we 've been talking about it round about and I says , you know , they were wondering if it was a bit suspic , I said no , th , they worry to death , there 's our children who speaking like the nig-nogs !
59 All we 've been talking about .
60 We 've been talking about somebody having affairs .
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