Example sentences of "with an eye to " in BNC.

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1 Like most shows which are manufactured with an eye to commercial success ( Winnie , High Society , to name only Buddy 's predecessors at the Victoria Palace ) , this one will probably fail .
2 Although her appointments were made with an eye to preserving party unity as well as recognizing ability , Thatcherites — often young and lacking ministerial experience — were not obvious candidates for promotion at the time .
3 Films like Lady Audley 's Secret ( 1920 ) , the story of a bigamous marriage and a woman 's cold-blooded murder of her devoted husband , were sensational without being plotted or shoot with an eye to involving an audience .
4 With an eye to Wembley next Wednesday , Baggio admits that he would love to play in what he and many of his team-mates regard as one of the ‘ temples ’ of world soccer .
5 These are also designed with an eye to reassuring those who did well out of the switch from rates to poll tax .
6 With an eye to cutting costs , AT&T Microelectronics and Japan 's NEC are jointly to develop basic technologies to make new generations of chips .
7 Eusebius , the ‘ father of church history ’ and biographer of the first Christian emperor , commented in his Life of Constantine on the ‘ hypocrisy of people who crept into the church ’ with an eye to the emperor 's favour .
8 By adopting the Scottish term , Free Church , instead of Nonconformist , the movement was showing that it was making a new start with an eye to the twentieth , not to the nineteenth or even eighteenth century .
9 This was also borne out by the inclusion of catalogues at the end of the book , looking very much like contributions from various nurseries and it is evident that those recommending the work did so with an eye to business .
10 1 Run on the pavements with an eye to what lurks in gateway and garden .
11 Thatcher 's government places liberty at a much lower level , it makes freedom just another preference , just something that some people want a great deal more than most people do , just something else to be balanced out with an eye to majority opinion and the next election …
12 Without external evidence , there is no way to know how deliberate Dickinson 's use of this imagery was ’ , even if the images may , cautiously , be ‘ interpreted with an eye to biography ’ .
13 The shortness of the supporting bracket was dictated partly by aesthetics , partly by safety and partly with an eye to the future construction of a reserved track on the seaward side of the traction poles .
14 Since the many responses will be presented in a statistical way ( that is in tabular form ) the well-designed schedule will be drafted with an eye to the presentation of the results in a clear and simple fashion .
15 Section 28 must hold a warning for lesbians and gays elsewhere in Europe , particularly with an eye to 1992 .
16 Sunil Gulati , chairman of the competition , said : ‘ We will use this tournament with an eye to the World Cup . ’
17 Craftsmen with an eye to the future like Benjamin would be quite likely to make fairly late marriages — there would be a lot of saving up to do first , and the better established one was , the better the chances of attracting a lady of some substance .
18 The original concern for out-of-school education is evident in the way objectives are defined in terms of utility. : threshold level specifications are drawn up with an eye to meeting the needs of learners as eventual participants in contexts of communicative interaction , rather than with a concern to activate the actual learning process itself .
19 A fish with an eye to the main chance .
20 The word list has been created with an eye to current concerns so that students will be exposed to an up-to-date vocabulary that is relevant to them .
21 At each level , the word list has been created with an eye to current concerns so that students are exposed to an up-to-date vocabulary which is really relevant to their needs .
22 Research being carried out with an eye to the development of new theory … is not in conflict with basic conceptual frameworks or methodological allegiances in the field as a whole .
23 With an eye to reducing its staff level in France by between 6% and 7% , 800 to 900 people , this year , Compagnie des Machines Bull SA has announced it will open a period of voluntary departure between May 1 and June 30 ( CI No 2,118 ) .
24 That , perhaps , is one reason why Mr Clinton has dwelt particularly upon ‘ symbolic ’ politics : like making the armed forces accept gays or staffing his administration with an eye to ethnic ‘ balance ’ .
25 You have , by nature , a great deal of common sense , and should life become unexpectedly eventful of confusing , the important thing is to meet things head on with Capricornian determination , and always with an eye to the long-term future .
26 They demanded dramatically , with an eye to its propaganda value , ‘ the break-up of the Poor Law ’ .
27 His estates were , moreover , a heterogeneous collection , put together with an eye to providing him with an income rather than creating a political niche for him at a regional level .
28 Their efforts were observed by John Paston III who , however , was watching events round the king almost entirely with an eye to how they might affect his family 's dispute with the duke of Norfolk , and recorded the flurry of activity without noting its cause .
29 From this again , if we read with an eye to the preceding context , we can draw further conclusions of a social nature .
30 All of these specialists must be chosen with care and with an eye to the particular skills required .
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