Example sentences of "is clear that a " in BNC.

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31 Firstly , it is clear that a transfer of responsibility has taken place between the different forms of provision .
32 However , because the success of a policy depends so heavily on the way it is devised and implemented , and because the experience of PNP raises such serious questions about the Authority 's role in this regard , it is clear that a review of Authority practices and procedures , as they affect primary education in the city , is now merited .
33 Educationally , it is clear that a wide variety of provision has been developed , mainly in ‘ coping ’ ( welfare rights , staying healthy on the dole ) and ‘ interest ’ courses ( photography , art , hobbies , DIY , etc . )
34 Where subsequent to intimation of a claim it is clear that a Capital Sum Payment will be made , H.O .
35 From these , it is clear that a buyer can be owner of the goods even though he has not paid for them and even though they remain in the seller 's possession .
36 I can not go beyond what I have said , except to make it clear once again that if and when it is clear that a further legislative change will materially assist in ensuring that this sort of thing does not happen again , we will be ready to make it .
37 The president of the OECD 's development committee declared that " unless policies are changed soon , it is clear that a new wave of migration is imminent " .
38 It is clear that a standard definition of central and peripheral information is necessary before studies using this distinction can be compared with one another and a clear pattern of results described .
39 However , it is clear that a major factor in both risk and accident estimates is how busy the junction was .
40 In both these examples it is clear that a major advantage of the simulation model is that answers can be more reliably obtained to questions such as ‘ how high should 1 build this bridge ? ’ or ‘ what would be the hydrological effect of building another 2000 houses in Edwalton ? ’ than if the engineer or planner were to rely solely upon rules of thumb or ‘ common sense ’ .
41 To revert to my opening discussion for a moment , one might say that the conflict between the drives of the id and the demands of the cultural superego represented above all in the taboos on incest and aggression against the father has become severely exacerbated and that , if Freud felt that in his day the balance was too far on the side of society and the superego , today it has swung too far in the direction of the individual and the id ; for it is clear that a balance between these two opposing fundamental forces is the essence of human existence .
42 But it is clear that a major function of topic marking is precisely to relate the marked utterance to some specific topic raised in the prior discourse , t.e .
43 It is clear that a gift can amount to a potentially exempt transfer if it is an outright gift to an individual or it is a gift to an accumulation and maintenance trust or indeed it is a gift to a trust under which the beneficiary has an interest in possession .
44 It is clear that a waiver is of no effect unless it is unequivocal and only where the representee acts on it to his detriment .
45 However , it is clear that an imaginative treatment of this form of interior could show off the texture and complexity of the original timber structure to dramatic effect .
46 From this single example it is clear that an investigation , of the outside poses immense problems since there are so many outside factors to be taken into account .
47 While it is clear that an enormous range of interest groups exist in Japan , few would argue that small firms , non-unionized labour ( who make up over 70 per cent of the total ) , minority groups or the elderly have the same continuous access to the state as do large companies .
48 In their efforts to master Congress , presidents have normally given a high priority to working through their party 's legislative leaders , but it is clear that an amicable and productive relationship with such leaders was not established during the Nixon years .
49 Following this , it is clear that an understanding of any ‘ deviant ’ phenomena will require two avenues of investigation .
50 If the meanings of these latter concepts are themselves established by definition , it is clear that an infinite regress will result unless the meanings of some terms are known by some other means .
51 Now it is clear that an answer was implicitly given to 5 Corps " request , by a conference which included representatives both of Eighth Army and of AFHQ itself .
52 And it must be flexible — defining the kind of flexibility required is difficult , but it is clear that an entirely rigid system is impractical .
53 Since autonomous expenditure helps determine the position ( intercept ) of the curve ( equation 10–35 ) , it is clear that an increase in government spending will shift the curve to the right .
54 It is clear that an element of contrast is intended , with a meaning something like " in writing Othello , Shakespeare becomes an exception , and so stands in contrast to other writers ' .
55 Whilst it is clear that an employee can not be prevented from using his general skill and knowledge once employment is over , there has been some doubt until recently as to whether the employer could exert any control over such use during employment or whether the law would imply such control .
56 To synthesise such band-pass response , notice that if an inductance of the prototype low-pass filter with unit cut-off pulsatance was then its reactance must become where Thus it is clear that an inductance of the low-pass prototype must be replaced by a series combination of an inductance and capacitance , the values of which are given by equations ( 12.45 ) and ( 12.46 ) .
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