Example sentences of "is [adv] assumed that " in BNC.

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31 Furthermore , it is generally assumed that it is an easy matter to pollute and get away with it .
32 It is generally assumed that in the absence of methodological artifacts visual laterality effects in normals arise either because one cerebral hemisphere is relatively inefficient at processing or retrieving the stimulus material presented and/or because one hemisphere can not fully process the information and has to send it across the corpus callosum to the opposite hemisphere .
33 It is generally assumed that all spreadsheets will benefit from fast calculation but this is n't necessarily so .
34 Although it is generally assumed that the free movement of persons within the European Community will increase the impact of ‘ international crime ’ on the internal security problems of the Member States and that more intensive and more effective law enforcement co-operation will be required , there is uncertainty about how better co-ordination can be achieved .
35 It is generally assumed that ‘ control ’ is a desirable feature and therefore has an additional premium value , ie purchasers will pay extra to acquire control and vendors will expect extra money to relinquish control .
36 It is generally assumed that hypergastrinaemia predisposes to the development of gastric carcinoids through progressive hyperplastic changes of fundic endocrine cells .
37 It is generally assumed that both texts on British Library Additional MS 23986 are preserved there as fragments of longer originals , and this is certainly true of the Anglo-Norman ballad first written on the roll .
38 It is generally assumed that an individual candidate has little influence on voting behavior : party is the decisive factor , though the candidate can have some impact .
39 Sometimes it is incorrectly assumed that listing patients ' problems precludes inclusion of psychiatric diagnosis .
40 It is normally assumed that because each eye projects to both hemispheres any imbalance between the two eyes is adequately controlled .
41 It is normally assumed that a given variable would have remained constant in the absence of integration .
42 It is normally assumed that this reconstruction will not result in long-term unemployment of resources , or worse , permanent under-utilisation of resources in some sectors .
43 Assertions can be signalled by writing " I would suggest " , or " I would argue " , but often it is just assumed that whatever you say is your suggestion or argument .
44 The derivation of the birds from a reptilian ( possibly dinosaur ) ancestor is certain , and because the earliest fossil bird , Archaeopteryx , is Jurassic in age , it is usually assumed that the split from the reptiles occurred in the earlier part of the period .
45 It is usually assumed that this is a deficiency in the enzymes ( see p 18 ) that detoxify foreign chemicals .
46 It is usually assumed that the aim of group management is to maximise group profit .
47 For example , hearing impairments provide a common aetiology for linguistic difficulties among deaf children and for this reason it is usually assumed that deaf children will respond to therapy in similar ways .
48 It is usually assumed that although the ever-increasing indebtedness of the USA can not continue indefinitely , the elimination of the imbalance should not be brought about by sudden and severe adjustment .
49 It is usually assumed that the ineffable in art is beyond the province of the professional academic scholar .
50 It is usually assumed that teachers and heads are held to account but whether they are accountable to resource providers ( ratepayers , taxpayers , policy makers , administrators ) , customers ( pupils , parents , employers ) , or their professional colleagues , is ill-defined .
51 If it is always assumed that they are intellectually inferior , what else is there for them to do … every time teachers are constantly amazed by the fact that in the first year they have at the moment there are two or three really bright West Indian boys , and it 's of constant amazement to people like Mr G … ‘ my goodness he 's bright where does he get it from ’ .
52 It is still assumed that it is the woman who will give up work to look after the children or take time off if they are sick , she admits .
53 The sense of urgency conveyed by the ‘ Look out ’ indicates the expectation that the pram , complete with baby , will fall over the cliff and perhaps be dashed on the rocks beneath and it is further assumed that this will be-deleterious for the baby .
54 It is also assumed that a bimbo is unintelligent , could n't possibly have an interest in anything other than clothes and make-up .
55 It is also assumed that these qualities are true of most old people .
56 It is also assumed that an individual 's response to an item will be completely independent of his or her response to any other items in the test .
57 It is also assumed that the number of arrivals of information per time period varies .
58 It is also assumed that the variance of the error term is constant and that the error terms themselves are uncorrelated with any other firm 's error term ( ) and uncorrelated with the independent variable , .
59 It is also assumed that the reader is familiar with relational database technology and the concepts and terminology therein .
60 It is also assumed that all complex carbohydrate malabsorbed are converted to H 2 with the same degree of rapidity as is the case with lactulose .
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