Example sentences of "it be assumed that " in BNC.

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1 Nor can it be assumed that all parts of the biosphere have the same 14 C concentration .
2 For example , let it be assumed that at some time an individual has become entitled to the ownership of some goods , by virtue of an approved process designated ‘ good — .
3 But , as one eminent Scottish judge pointed out in MacCormick v Lord Advocate ( above ) , why should it be assumed that successive reconstituted Parliaments at Westminster have inherited the attribute of ‘ sovereignty ’ peculiar ( and , as is above suggested , perhaps with a limited meaning even then ) to the English Parliament .
4 Nor should it be assumed that siblings who have lived apart , sometimes married , for many years have broken these profound childhood links which shaped their attitudes to each other .
5 Nor should it be assumed that the young teachers of 30 years ago were all aspiring members of the working class .
6 It is not necessarily the case that this will have happened , nor can it be assumed that the document in question belongs to a given domain at all ( it may be some sort of hybrid , or simply too ambiguous to fit neatly in one domain ) .
7 It is not necessarily the case that this will have happened , nor can it be assumed that the data in question fits neatly within a specific domain at all .
8 However , neither should it be assumed that grade mix and skill mix are the same thing .
9 To this extent , of course , a synchronically divergent language state requires the same kind of treatment as a historically divergent state : in neither case can it be assumed that the norms of some ‘ standard ’ variety can be successfully projected on to it .
10 Nor can it be assumed that Eadwine found new allies among the eastern Angles in c .
11 Nor can it be assumed that professional courses always tackle the social aspects : How much do accountants or pharmacists consider the professional client relationship ?
12 Nor should it be assumed that the division of the language items into lexis , structure and discourse function presents students with problems of equal difficulty or me with identical roles in each case .
13 Why , then , should it be assumed that the Holy Spirit was particularly active in professors ?
14 Nor must it be assumed that the whole of the Sahara shared in this climatic amelioration , for , as Gautier says , there are few traces of wadi patterns in the Libyan desert , which , forming the core of the Sahara , was probably less affected .
15 Neither can it be assumed that a wife who is denied sexual autonomy will cease cohabitation .
16 Nor can it be assumed that all its invaders came directly from Scandinavia .
17 Bins should be sited as conveniently as possible to the main source of material , it being assumed that it will be carried by wheelbarrow .
18 But as long as the A level system remains , pupils at school will be required severely to limit their choice of subjects , it being assumed that the only way to ensure ‘ standards of excellence , is to go more and more deeply into an ever narrower range of subjects .
19 Even today , when the tottering of a Goldcrest or TESE is taken as a sign that the film industry is going under , it 's assumed that big companies are the key to surviving in the film business , because that 's the way they do things in LA .
20 The words of the Fourth Commandment are uncompromising and it 's assumed that so also are those who believe in keeping the Sabbath .
21 In other academic areas it is assumed that the teacher knows more than the student , and is there to convey this knowledge , whether as a corpus or a skill .
22 It is assumed that he was arrested on suspicion of being an American spy .
23 It is assumed that : Ax = Ay Fx Fy
24 This allows a comparison to be made between markets in countries that are at a different stage in their development , but it is assumed that their development will follow a similar pattern .
25 It is assumed that If Ax\ , Fx\ and Fyz are known , then market demand for product A in country Y in time period 2 can be estimated .
26 Although it is assumed that birds have not a highly developed sense of taste , both tits and blackbirds , despite any flamboyant coloration to attract them , recognise Sturmers as worthy of attention , and those out of reach , when harder weather prevails , will , as in former winters , attract both fieldfares and winter-visiting blackcaps .
27 It is assumed that Mr Cojuangco would then become chairman of San Miguel , as he was in the Marcos days .
28 It is assumed that holders of other sequestered shares will now try to regain their voting rights .
29 ’ . It is assumed that pain and suffering are forces driving men to true religion .
30 Because in the past , upper-class unionists have been less than staunchly committed to the defence of traditional loyalism , it is assumed that others who acquire elements of upper-class status , such as a university education , will themselves be more moderate than their uneducated elders .
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