Example sentences of "keep an eye on " in BNC.

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31 By keeping an eye on him , the reader was able to feel confident that he was audible .
32 She found Ernest and Charlotte on their knees with the rest , with Enoch , as far as a three-year-old could , keeping an eye on the baby nearby .
33 Sien came in to see him on visiting days , and she was keeping an eye on the studio .
34 Helen will also be keeping an eye on the job market while she is away and praying that employers will see her experience in a positive light .
35 If I had to describe her , I would say that she was a sensible , down-to-earth woman , dressed plainly and cleanly , understanding what I was experiencing , yet sighing at my folly and patiently keeping an eye on me till I was in a stronger state again .
36 Lin Foh hesitated , frowned , then glanced back at the two young Foreign Office men ; they were hardly protection for the Colonel ; rather , were deliberately overt presences with him , keeping an eye on him on the instruction of the Foreign Secretary .
37 Keeping an eye on the child 's play while talking to parents can provide a lot of basic information about the child 's developmental level ( Lowe 1975 ) .
38 Asked why , he replied : ‘ Just keeping an eye on things .
39 December 's page from the RAF Museum 's find 1992 calendar — a Hurricane of 615 Squadron keeping an eye on two Stirlings of 15 Squadron , from the canvas of John Young .
40 And there , if he looked hard to the right , was the tower of the church , like a benevolent old watchdog , keeping an eye on things , protective , changeless .
41 The OpenView System Manager management tool monitors and controls geographically dispersed systems within the cluster , keeping an eye on system , subsystem , job stream , tape requests and applications ; and controlling functions such as node shutdown , start-up failover and console commands .
42 Their role included keeping an eye on the conduct of their fellows .
43 Perhaps in accordance with the less gentle side of Texas culture , ‘ keeping an eye on ’ was extended to forceful physical control , including arranging for ‘ necessary ’ beatings ; and this abuse of power brought the ‘ building tender ’ system into disrepute .
44 What the company will contribute or take from OMG is unclear , even to Sybase itself at the moment ; it says it is keeping an eye on developments .
45 Although a library committee of some sort existed before the project invitation , the head reports that : It was no more than three of four people who were simply monitoring the use of the library and keeping an eye on the books that we needed and the way children used the library .
46 Fournier , who was keeping an eye on their end of the table , called , ‘ Look after young Flavia 's glass — she likes her tipple . ’
47 Much of the owner-occupation sector represents a recent addition to national wealth ; from 26.6 per cent in 1957 to 36.5 per cent of all wealth by 1985 — a 37 per cent increase in thirty years ( Sam Brittan , ‘ Keeping an eye on the national wealth ’ , Financial Times , 16 July 1987 ) , and this wealth has been much more equitably spread than has industrial wealth .
48 Maybe one of Bonanza 's men keeping an eye on me .
49 The British keeping an eye on the Yanks was the idea .
50 Except Ellwood was keeping an eye on everyone and seeing to it that East Germany got the news .
51 Flushed and triumphant after this orgy of extravagance , they left the store at last , keeping an eye on the time because Mabel must n't be late with the boys ' tea whatever happened and then they had a long , annoying wait at the bus-stop .
52 As a consequence , the members of the team have been thrown back on what amounts to a re-discovery of the mental welfare officer role — visiting , keeping an eye on things , and acting as a gatekeeper for routing some resources to individuals and families .
53 Still keeping an eye on the two men , he glanced down at the girl .
54 He seems to spend most of his spare time keeping an eye on your house . ’
55 I do n't need anyone ‘ keeping an eye on me ’ ! ’
56 She heard a footfall , she pressed herself back , keeping an eye on the street ; in a doorway , further on , a silhouette detached itself for a moment , and she saw a man throw his head back and shake it as if intoxicated , while holding his arms extended , and she fancied she heard him speak to his own fidanzata of that evening , she imagined him murmuring about her hair — as dark as a raven 's wing , perhaps ?
57 It is a sensitive area , well placed for keeping an eye on anything that happens in the Thames , and , seaward , in the North Sea .
58 The woman detective had gone off with Roxie Farmer to give her a cup of tea and sit in her house keeping an eye on her .
59 Four of them are bubbling around the kitchen and the other two are in the front room keeping an eye on the visitors , roped up on the floor watching two blacks the size of quarter-backs shaking through their jackets .
60 But I 'll also be keeping an eye on you . ’
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