Example sentences of "keep an eye on " in BNC.

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1 Constable Perkins was torn between keeping an eye on the scene of the crime — and perhaps making a brilliant arrest — or calling up reinforcements .
2 ‘ Maybe he 's keeping an eye on you . ’
3 As did the House Manager who roamed throughout performances in the foyer or the staircases , the bars of Stalls , Dress Circle and Upper Circle , keeping an eye on programme girls ( most of them certainly mature ) who , in their black dresses and little aprons , ushered , sold programmes and in the intervals brought trays of tea and biscuits ( coffee in the evenings ) , while in the orchestra pit the band ( tuxedoed , although who knew whether their trousers matched ) played pleasing music .
4 Besides monitoring the EC proposals , Mr Eggar is also keeping an eye on other government departments which he said had the tendency to introduce measures which , however well intentioned , could have the effect of strangling small businesses .
5 The company added that a standby boat was keeping an eye on the situation .
6 Rosa gently teased Erika about the vestigial romance but was serious about the advice she gave , that Erika was not , repeat not , to get involved with a boy-friend , especially with the Indoor Championships drawing nearer , and with the Ministry of Sport keeping an eye on her .
7 They are likely to renew interest in a former player , Manchester United 's Mal Donaghy , while keeping an eye on Brian Gayle 's progress under new management at Manchester City .
8 You suggest keeping an eye on Switzerland , New Zealand and Canada as potential enemies ( March 16th ) .
9 He says do n't be frightened , he 's keeping an eye on things for you . ’
10 But what would he be doing in the middle of nowhere … unless he was keeping an eye on Mungo , to see that he was safe ?
11 John Buckingham on Foinavon , well behind this chaos , was still keeping an eye on Josh Gifford on Honey End , though he was aware that his mount would be likely to prove more one-paced than the favourite .
12 It felt quite pleasant sitting at a desk , being taught geography and physics again , and keeping an eye on our son .
13 But there was to be no resting , particularly with Jeffrey Archer keeping an eye on the time .
14 As the crowd grew , pressing against the window , the Divisional Police Commissioner Rousselet , who had been keeping an eye on events , sent a policeman down with orders to have the nude painting removed from the window .
15 Mrs Oliver is walking the dog , Alfred has washed and tidied away the tea things while keeping an eye on the shop from the adjoining neat and spotlessly clean flat .
16 As I clambered up the ranks of steep terraces , keeping an eye on my train time , early mist still clung to the bare mountainous knives of rock , and the mountain that the fortress itself stood on was festooned with dark trailing grasses like seaweed , adding to its otherworldliness .
17 Of course Madame keeping an eye on O was nothing new .
18 Actually , Helen and Geoff are away ( with the children , of course , it 's Spain again this year I think ) , and Mr Davis 's boy Kevin from the house on the corner is keeping an eye on things and doing the garden for them .
19 Playing your part can be as simple as being a good neighbour — keeping an eye on a neighbour 's house while they 're away ; or even just letting the Police know if you see someone acting suspiciously around cars or property .
20 During that time he took his decision about Marler : to continue keeping an eye on him .
21 ‘ Still , at least you seem to appreciate I 've given you the plum job , whilst landing myself with the task of keeping an eye on Fedorov .
22 With one sergeant I had then , I used to make up stories about keeping an eye on thieves if he did n't find me at the points .
23 It is then up to me to implement it successfully by controlling my behaviour whilst keeping an eye on progress towards the indicators of success .
24 Since last October , inventors have had to pay renewal fees to keep US patents in force , so any firm interested in copying the gull-wing design will be keeping an eye on the status of the DeLorean patent .
25 There is still likely to be a considerable extra work load for the daughter or daughter-in-law who is likely to bear the brunt of extra shopping , washing and keeping an eye on the elderly people .
26 He watched the screen , struggled to get the frame-hold to work , all the while keeping an eye on the scene in the operating theatre .
27 I went to school leaving Mum keeping an eye on them .
28 Keeping an eye on the colony over the next fortnight I saw that another half-dozen polyps had followed the first .
29 Jonadab questioned the waggoner 's lad , who had been given the job of keeping an eye on the horse .
30 He claims keeping an eye on statistics , no less , helped him realise what was required of him .
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