Example sentences of "[vb mod] [be] [verb] to be [adj] " in BNC.

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31 And the operation must be seen to be multinational , so the UK contingent should ideally be increased to brigade strength — which underlines the case for reprieving the Highland regiments .
32 Serviceable was clothes must be seen to be serviceable .
33 It 's not a case of being paranoid , it 's a case of seeking fairness for all the school children , and then some of them receiving disproportional , you know higher , er amounts of money , then that must be seen to be unfair , and I 'm certainly well supported in that .
34 But the deal must be seen to be fair to all farmers in the United Kingdom because their circumstances vary depending on the country and the area in which they farm .
35 Emphasis must be put on the task , individuals must accept the need to modify their views for its sake , and group effort must be seen to be superior to individual effort .
36 The Government must be seen to be green .
37 The Government in its wisdom has backed nuclear power , so nuclear power must be seen to be green as well .
38 This is an area where the concepts of sampling theory , mentioned at the start of this chapter , can again prove useful : sampling schemes can balance these two objectives by determining the minimum labour that must be invested to be satisfied that the correct conclusions have been reached .
39 Each zone in a multi-zoning system will need to be comparatively small in area because many journeys are very short in distance and all or most journeys must be charged to be fair .
40 in its statement of claim must be assumed to be correct .
41 The planetary guard of a godling despot must be assumed to be numerous and very well armed — though how well experienced ?
42 Lastly , it is worth pointing out that that presence in the territory of the country of establishment must be intended to be permanent , or at least of an indefinite duration , because if that were not the case there would be no distinction between establishment and the supply of services .
43 The client must be helped to be able to rationalize and accept their symptoms as natural bodily processes — a signal to reduce stress , rather than a signal of impending doom .
44 To avoid the technical difficulties in actually performing the sum over histories , these curved space-times must be taken to be Euclidean .
45 It should also be noted that at the beginning of an assignment , the composition of both vendor and purchaser must be known to be able to consider taking advantage of this exclusion .
46 Either it must be said , in traditional terms , that , together with his human nature , he also had , in one person , a divine nature ; or in some other way he must be held to be unique .
47 They fell victims , along with others , to the belief that if a building complied with the existing building regulations and Codes of Practice it must be deemed to be safe .
48 ‘ I am calling on my officers to give extra attention to temples and mosques in the area and people must be urged to be vigilant to protect their property , ’ he said .
49 Land reform is one of the crucial ( and most controversial ) matters facing the newly elected Hungarian parliament and present law must be considered to be ephemeral .
50 ( 11.30 ) In Section 10.2 it has been argued that this solution must be considered to be unphysical on its own , but it may be included as a factor in more general solutions .
51 First , the benefit attributable to the patent must be shown to be current at the time of the employee 's application ; the prospect of future benefits such as royalty payments from foreign sub-licensees is only relevant to the quantum of compensation awarded should outstanding benefit be proved .
52 On the grounds of its ancient lineage and apparently perennial vigour , the ‘ grand survivor ’ of all general theories might be said to be elite theory .
53 The first might be said to be context- and task-independent : we can understand what a sequence of symbols is meant to represent , without understanding the context within which those symbols might be put to use .
54 A deictic element is not a term as such , but some part of the utterance which might be said to be deictic .
55 Thus each group of accounts might be said to be objective but they are not comparable .
56 So is the cold war giant , at least in the sense that a mighty military machine with no visible threat to its well-being might be said to be dead .
57 And that 's money we have to spend , and it in a way that was a controversial decision because members of the Council were genuinely concerned about spending money on what might be seen to be central services , when they were having to face not improving staffing in elderly persons ' homes .
58 Power is being exercised for an improper purpose ( to regulate unfurnished property ) and power is being used unreasonably ( £6,000 might be argued to be excessive ) .
59 The New Historicists ' 'reciprocal concern with the historicity of texts and the textuality of history' would set up an exchange which might be assumed to be awkward .
60 Such an abnormality might be considered to be insufficient to explain the severity and chronicity of symptoms , however , involvement of widespread areas of the intestine including the colon have been described in cryptosporidiosis and the extent of the enteropathy may be an important factor in these cases .
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